Today’s newspapers | Scammers in the middle of the party: they forged tickets to the show “Olympia vs. Olympia”.influenza

At Olympia, they warned that tickets for the second leg at Fluminense were forged. Photo illustration.

33,000 tickets have been sold for the second leg match between Olympia vs. Olympia. In Fluminense, the other side of every sporting coin appears: the cheaters.

Olympia’s board of directors has warned that it has launched an investigation into possible counterfeiting of tickets for the Asuncion match. They pointed out that they had seen some cases when they were bidding against Flamengo and now they have sounded the alarm given the aftershocks of the Chaco defender game.

“We are investigating ticket sales online. “People have to buy tickets from clubs and many people will fake tickets and then sell them. “Dean leader Rodrigo “Coto” Nogués told 1080 AN.

He emphasized that in the return game against the “Mengao” team, the criminals’ behavior of using forgeries to defraud the club’s fans can be verified. These violations were discovered during street sales conducted by dealers.

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“Many of the tickets resold for the match against Flamengo were fake”Nogues announced, while saying a complaint had been filed with the relevant authorities so that those responsible could be found and prosecuted.

It should be noted that a total of 1,700 tickets will be sold to Fluminense fans for Paraguay’s rematch. That’s the same amount Brazil has allocated for this Thursday’s game.

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The Paraguay Photo Festival was declared a national tourist attraction this month. Photo:

The National Secretariat of Tourism – Senatur declares the “Paraguay Photography Month” festival of national tourist interest. The event starts on September 5th and runs until next Sunday, the 24th.

Through Resolution 42/2023, the Senator declared that the Paraguay Photography Biennale is promoted by the National Association of Photographers of Interest in Tourism. “Wild Eyes”.

“The overall goal of the Paraguay Photo Month Festival is to promote photography, involve national and foreign photographers in the cultural centers and public roads of the city of Asunción, and achieve citizen exposure to culture”the document states.

The event represents the largest gathering of photographers in the country and creates a space around original photographic art not only domestically, but also internationally, as it invites representatives from abroad to showcase their work.

The initiative also promotes other proposals such as lectures, seminars, photobook releases and catalogues.

It should be noted that the above-mentioned festival is also declared a municipal interest of Asunción.

The full festival agenda can be found on the website wild eye and their social networks on Facebook and Instagram.

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Marc Antony received his star on the Walk of Fame.

Marc Antony received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The artist was accompanied by some of his children and his wife, Paraguayan model Nadia Ferreira.

Salsero received a star in the recording category from the Chamber of Commerce, which awarded him the 2,762nd star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The international artist attended the event accompanied by her children, Christianity and Ryanis the result of his marriage to a former Puerto Rican model and television host, Dayanara TorresMiss Universe 1993, Dayanara Torres; as does his current wife, a Paraguayan model, Nadia Ferreiraand his friend and comrade, a former football player, David Beckham.

Special guests were also in attendance and the public supported the occasion by singing songs by the international artist.

The Actors and Producers’ Star is located at 6284 Hollywood Blvd., near the corner of the W Hotel and Hollywood & Vine, just meters away from the Star Tommy Mottola, 50 Cent, Amy Adams, Shania Twain, Ellen K, Shakira and anjelica houston.

Anthony has over 50 number one songs on the charts. billboard Over 7.1 billion views on YouTube.

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Spanish actor Javier Bardem.

Madrid, Spain. Spanish actor Javier Bardem is unable to receive the honorary award this year due to a Hollywood actors’ strike, the San Sebastian Film Festival announced on Friday. It will postpone the awarding of his honorary award to 2024.

Badem will receive the award at the 2024 festival “Next” in the northern Spanish city, in recognition of the artist’s career “due to the restrictions imposed by the strike called by the Screen Actors Guild” (SAG-AFTRA) ,” the campaign said in a statement.

Bardem is the only Spanish actor to win an Oscar and was scheduled to receive an honorary award at the Oscars opening ceremony on September 22. Saint Sebastian’s Daythis year’s version features the actor’s face on its official poster.

In other announcements, the festival announced it will recognize Donostia PrizeThe Life of Japanese Animation Master Hayao Miyazaki”who will receive it virtually during the official opening of the competition.

Latest animated movies Hayao Miyazaki, “Kimitachi wa do ikiru ka” (“The Boy and the Heron”) will kick off the official portion of the festival, albeit a non-competitive one.

Another Donostia Prize at the 71st edition of the festival will be awarded to Spanish filmmaker Víctor Erice, “Spirit of the Beehive”which won the Golden Shell Award for Best Picture fifty years ago.

The jury for the official part of the competition will take place from September 22 to 30 and will be chaired by the French director Claire Denis.

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