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The stinging behavior of the scorpion is like injecting poison, and like the toxin, the inoculation is done through the stinger at the end of the tail.

Dr. Ricardo Meza of the Clinic’s Pediatric Services says Scorpion stings and their aftermath.

Along these lines, he mentions Scorpions are part of the group or family of arachnids, It is thought to be small, averaging 10 cm, red in color, certain dark spots on the back or back area, This is precisely the exact identification of scorpions with health consequences in this case.

this Scorpions live in dark, damp places They can roost under tree bark, under stones, in storm drains or drains, and there are also plenty of places where they usually feed on insects.

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it’s almost characteristic hometown-urban environment, soEspecially in warmer, rainier seasons, this must be taken into account, as is currently being seen.

this Scorpion stings act like injecting poisonas a poison, inoculated via the stinger at the end of the tail.

is some In case of double stinger, inject directly at skin level When being whipped in self-defense, certain components are introduced which are readily released into the bloodstream, namely horseramine which is a low molecular weight protein which in this case forms part of the toxoid , depending on the area of ​​injection this poison can spread rapidly and cause certain diseases.

this Inject material and spread rapidly in the blood It affects the nervous system in some way, affects the cardiovascular system, and can cause significant pain at the bite site.

Later, ccause dizziness, headache, In severe cases, seizures, bradycardia, hypotension, collapse and even death may also like this Functional weakness at the bite sitewhether it is legs, feet, hands, fingers, due to inflammation.

if the patientwith certain comorbiditiessuch as allergic-type effects, which may have a greater effect, so with fatal results.

“This situation is an emergency and the patient must seek medical attention immediately,” the doctor advised.

The country’s national reference center is the Institute of Tropical Medicine or the National Center for Toxicology under the Ministry of Health.

What happens when a scorpion bites and introduces toxins?

first you must cleaning the injection areado aseptic operation.

it’s important Do not perform any type of operation, Such as suctioning the area or trying to open the wound further and allow it to bleed, or if that fails, applying a tourniquet to the area, should not be done.

must be Go to the Emergency Room of the First Health Center The closest or if possible the immediate closest National Reference Centre.

associated with — the size of a scorpion, When it’s small, it’s usually small and less abundant in the telson region, where the glands that produce the noxious substance are located, Dr. Mesa said.

but if he The scorpion has fully developed into an adult wormthe gland will acquire a size large enough to store the poison and be able to inject the total amount.

Finally, experts mentioned that these Scorpion stings are preventablefollow instructions and advice to avoid them around us.

“It is important to prevent infection, we do this by keeping the inside and outside of our home clean, Regularly look into corners, dark areas, under beds, armchairs; and patios, and always wear shoes,” he notes.

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