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Pastor Cook Joe passed away today.

Archbishop Emeritus of Asunción, the Reverend Cookho, died on Tuesday of long-term health problems.

After months of ill health, Reverend Cookhoe died today at the age of 83, less than a month shy of his 84th birthday.

last januarye Is admitted to a private nursing home for pneumonia and other respiratory complications.

On November 6, 2014, Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Kukho from the pastoral administration of the Archdiocese of the Most Holy Ascension.

On this occasion, he appointed Bishop Edmundo Valenzuela to succeed Cookejo.

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On June 21, 1964, Reverend Bishop Cookhaw was ordained priest. From then on he began his historical pastoral journey until he reached the position of archbishop.

He worked closely with Archbishop Felipe Benitez and later became Archbishop Benitez’s successor. Before his appointment as Archbishop on June 15, 2002, he served in a Redeemer context.

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Illustrative image.

The victim, a non-commissioned inspector in the city of Concepcion, filed complaints about several cases of extortion in which they used his photo to “put pressure” and demand money.

he Dean Villalba Police InspectorConcepcion Provincial Police’s public relations department condemned his actionsoto has been used in multiple racketeering cases In this city, the report stated that The stranger downloaded it from his Facebook profile.

“this Blackmail involves choosing a personThere, via Messenger, we contacted him, and the conversation started to the point of exchanging intimate photos and, once that was done, began making alleged demands because the victim was allegedly interacting with a minor. ” ABC colors.

Photo of Noncommissioned Inspector Dean Villalba used in multiple extortion cases in Concepcion

In this context, he noted that he also They extracted his personal data and impersonated him. Thus the usurper blackmails the victim Warn them if they don’t pay a sumthe complaint will go to the other instance.

He also stated that when They launched the so-called lawsuit, where they used their image. “It is said that I communicated with them, he asked for a lot of money This way, the so-called complaints made by the minor’s parents writing to the victim on Messenger will not be passed on to the courts,” he explained.

In this sense, the police agent said he filed his first complaint for the same behavior two years ago, which happened again on Saturday with a resident of the city of Concepción. “I complained to the police station again San Juan first, public now so others don’t get caught in this situation,” he said.

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Oman Bai drug camp. Photo: Courtesy of the Senate.

The state anti-narcotics minister has canceled more than five tons of marijuana and drug camps in Amanbai province.

District 1st Division Agent senatewith seats Pedro Juan Caballeroinvaded rural areas Colonia Estrella, Amabay Provincewhere they detect Large cannabis production and collection center.

entourage with Prosecutor Celso Morales, He conducted intensive patrols in the bush, which led to the discovery of the drug complex, which consisted of three camps, complete with lighting systems, generators and all the logistics needed to process the marijuana parcels.

In total they found 5,168 kg of crushed cannabis Destroyed by order of a representative of the Ministry of Public Affairs.The value of our collection is about $155,000.However, if you enter Brazilian territory It will cost at least six times more.

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Villa Igatimi. Photo: Facebook.

The prosecutor’s office ordered the arrest of two people investigating the murder at Villa Igatimi.

Arrest ordered by Kuruguati fiscal agent Christian Roig Carlos Antonio Caballero Giménez (19) and a 16-year-old boy, Within the framework of the investigation into suspected punishable intentional homicide.

both suspects they with unknown location Currently, according to the public sector.

The antecedent of the incident refers to, at 9:30 am on December 2, 2022, in the community Cock Court, Ko’ê Porâ Community, Villa Ygatimi Districta lifeless corpse, was determined to be Rominigo Lima de Oliveira (31).

Residents of the area were informed of this fact after calling the police station in the aforementioned town. Dr. Floriano Irala’s forensic report indicated that the diagnosis was likely The cause of death was hypovolemic shock from multiple traumas.

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