Today’s Papers | Los Temerarios to disband after 46 years

They were looking for Paul McCartney on bass.

London, UK. There is a campaign to find the Heffner bass, on which Paul McCartney played some of the Beatles’ greatest hits, a musical treasure purchased in Hamburg in 1961, But disappeared for more than 50 years.

McCartney bought the bass, which can be heard in the song “Love Me”, “She Loves You” and “Twist and Scream”which sold for about £30 in Germany in 1961 (about $37.90 at current exchange rates).

with him at concerts in Hamburg, Liverpool and at Abbey Roadthe legendary London studio.

The Beatles recording a song in London, January 1969 “return” Among other things, the instrument disappeared.

Nick Wass of the Höfner company and journalists Scott and Naomi Jones initiated the project “The Lost Bass” Try to retrieve the instrument and solve what they call “rock and roll’s greatest mystery.”

Voss told various British media outlets that McCartney had recently introduced him to Bess, which kicked off the event.

“This is the most important bass hunt in history. (…) We need your help to find him”representing the project site.

For those who thought it was a mission impossible, organizers look back at 1963 John Lennon He lost his Gibson guitar, which resurfaced 51 years later and was auctioned off for $2.4 million (€2.2 million).

On Saturday, the day after launching the project, Scott Jones said he had received hundreds of emails, two of which might contain interesting leads.

For those who want to partake in the search, it’s a left-handed bass with an end the rising sun Divided into three parts, the two microphones are mounted on a single piece of solid black wood.

Organizers pledged that if they found Bass, it would be returned to Paul McCartney.

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