Today’s Papers | Possibility of arbitration of toll disputes underway

Paraguay can resort to international arbitration.

The Prime Minister’s Office confirmed that in the dispute over tolls on the waterway, all possible mechanisms are being used, including international arbitration, which had been proposed at the previous meeting. The next step is to elect judges.

Foreign Minister Ruben Ramírez Lezcano spoke about the ongoing conflict with Argentina over the improper collection of waterway tolls, explaining that all the cards were on the table.

At the meeting on August 30, We considered the selection of arbitrators, that is, ongoing, international arbitration within the treaty mechanism, for which purpose it is necessary to select the arbitrator and submit the documents from there, taking into account that Argentina cannot prove the collection”Ramirez Lezcano commented in an interview with Gen-Nación Media.

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Brazilian interim presidency called Waterways Commission to hold new session on Sept. 15 next year. At this meeting, four countries held the same position.

Technically, all mechanisms that allow for the unwinding of arbitrary measures are also being elucidated.

Regarding the political path, the Prime Minister said That would work if it found fertile ground for discussion, but that doesn’t exist today.

A toll of $1.50 per ton has been imposed since January 1 without any reason for the charge.

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The project aims to legislate against Bursoneras. Illustrative photo, thirteen.

In order to punish and deter those criminal activities known as “bolsoneras”, the legislature will study a bill to amend the Penal Code to reduce the maximum amount of petty theft.

senator Louis Pettengill Told 1000 AM radio station Wednesday’s bill proposed less Penalties for petty theft or minor crimes.

The lawmaker commented that supermarkets and businesses are being harmed by gangs that are forming. “They went to the police for a day or two but they let him go because it wasn’t considered a crime. They will not reoffend for more than 48 hours.They specialize in stealing small things Instead of reaching 800,000 guaranís, they stayed at 600 and 700 guaranís,” he said.

According to the legislator’s interpretation, The idea is to reduce the limit to 400,000 G, as currently up to 800,000 G is considered a thief. “The bill’s proposal is to cut it in half (400,000 guaranís), which we think will stop it, and that’s what we’re talking about. It’s not defined yet,” he said.

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Luis Christ Jacobs, the new director of the National Transportation Agency.

Luis Christ Jacobs, former head of La Caminera, has been elected as the new head of the National Agency for Traffic and Road Safety (ANTSV), which is part of the MOPC.

At a meeting held this morning, ANTSV Board members voted in favor of adding Luis Christ Jacobs to the Board.

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After confirming his appointment, he thanked everyone for their trust and announced some of the lines in which his management will be supported.

“Mainly technical controls, including electronic mountains, radar, serial photographs, to detect transparently and clearly what is happening. We will be able to correct many situations”, Christ Jacobs commented.

In addition, he said he will strive to enforce traffic laws 100 percent on national highways.

Christ Jacobs holds key positions with the Asuncion City Traffic Police and Highway Patrol.

He will now be in charge of the National Transport and Road Safety Agency, the agency that applies and monitors road safety policy and measures.

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The criminals arrived at the motel on foot and pointed staff at gunpoint. Photo: Concepción al Día.

Criminals raided a motel in Concepcion City and made off with cash from the proceeds.

Shortly before 9:30 p.m. on Monday, armed robbery replace Venus Motellie in Near Concepcion, San Francisco.

Two masked men, one with a knife and the other with a revolverthey arrived at the hotel on foot and They reduced the staff on duty.The same is Jessica Antonia Miranda Campuzano (24) and Idarina Beatriz Espinola Martinez (43).

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first, They go with Miranda, who’s at the motel reception in the back He opened the door, thinking it was a colleague.

After reducing, They went to Espinola, another of his local offices She was also threatened by two criminals.

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All in all, thieves Successfully won 700,000 cash guaranteethe product collected until that time of the night.

The National Police Service has received a complaint. And continue to investigate. so far, The perpetrators of the act could not be identified.

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