Tom Brady 12 firsts

3. First win – Week 3, 2001 vs. Colts

Brady also picked up his first career quarterback win in his first start against the Colts, as those first wins were quickly tossed aside after he took over the team. The win hinged more on the defense and special teams, but against one of the most high-profile young quarterbacks in the game, Brady showed early signs of helping his team outlast their opponent. The Colts led by 11.5 points and lost 44-13.

4. First touchdown – 2001 Week 5 vs. 2001 Week 5 Chargers

Two weeks later, Brady caught his first touchdown pass (to Terry Glenn) and second touchdown pass (to Jermaine Wiggin) in overtime against the Chargers Si) while passing for 364 yards. In his career, Brady threw a total of 649 touchdown passes, including 541 with the Patriots.

5. First fourth quarter comeback/first overtime win – 2001 vs. Chargers

The overtime win over the Chargers was a coming-out party in many ways for Brady, as his clutch play at the end showed he can be at his best in the game. Brady led the scoring on each of New England’s final three possessions, including a 60-yard touchdown run that tied the game as time expired. Then in overtime, he hit a 51-yard field goal to win the game. Fourth-quarter comebacks and overtime wins are commonplace in Brady’s career, and he got both firsts in the same game.

6. First Quarterback Sneak – Week 8, 2001 Falcons

When Brady hit a quarterback sneak for a three-on-one late in the first quarter against the Falcons, it didn’t cause much of a stir, but it was one of the most incredible moments of Brady’s career. The beginning of success elements. Brady has 158 quarterback sneaks in his Patriots career, far more than any other quarterback from 2001 to 2020.

7. First Reception – 2001 Week 15 vs. 2001 Week 15 Dolphins

Now we’re having some fun with Charlie Weis’ deception that broke out against Miami in Week 15, when New England was seeking its first division title in three years. When the game was tied at 0 and the first quarter was about to end, Kevin Faulk kicked the ball directly and Brady rushed out of the backfield to the sideline. Faulk made a perfect pass to the uncovered quarterback for a 23-yard gain on third down. Brady has three career catches for 65 yards.

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