Tom Brady criticizes: ‘American football could turn into flag football’

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Rebeca Landa excited to represent Mexico in flag football at the 2028 Olympics

The ESPN expert spoke to the Los Angeles edition of the show about the importance of the International Olympic Committee including the discipline in its programme.

The seven-time Super Bowl champion says the NFL is “closer to having flag football in the 2028 Olympics”

tom bradyConsidered the best player in history National Football Leagueannounced on Tuesday that American football will become flag football, a sport that has just been accepted as part of the NFL. Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games.

“Some people want less physical contact in American football, which is closer to flag football, and that will be 2028 Olympic Games. I think American football may become flag football in the future. ” said the seven-ring champion. super bowl.

Tom Brady has spoken out against the decline of physical play in the NFL.Zuffa LLC (Getty Images)

BradyHe cited the changing rules, which he retired in February after a 23-year career. National Football League That’s increasingly limiting hits to quarterbacks and penalties for tackles that weren’t grounds for punishment just a few decades ago, something he disagrees with.

“American football is a sport and there’s a physical element to it from the beginning; today they give you a penalty and give you a 15-yard penalty for a play that shouldn’t have been penalized 20 years ago. It affects your performance tremendously .”Game,” stressed the future member Hall of Fame.

Flag football is a simplified form of American football with five members per team in which a flag or ribbon carried on either side of each player’s hip must be removed without the use of physical contact in order to deter opponents.

The sport has been a bet on people since 2022 National Football League Expand its fan base around the world.

I even international american football federation (IFAF) calls it “Vision28” and aims to make the sport part of the Olympic program, International Olympic Committee (International Olympic Committee) accepted it last Monday.

tom brady Pointing out the increasingly physical path of American football does not make fans happy. National Football League.

The 15-time World Cup winner concluded: “Absolutely not, it’s a shame because it shows why ordinary fans of the sport are angry.” pro bowl.

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