Tom Brady denounces ‘mediocrity’ in today’s NFL

The seven-time Super Bowl champion blamed the rule change for introducing “bad habits” among players.

tom bradyConsidered the best player in history National Football League and seven-time champion super bowlsaid on Tuesday that there are “a lot of mediocre people” in the league.

“I think there’s a lot of mediocrity in today’s NFL. I don’t see the excellence that I saw in the past. I think training isn’t as effective. I don’t think young players are developing as well as they used to,” the player said.It’s the quarterback new england patriots and tampa bay buccaneers Through talk shows on YouTube.

BradyHe retired last February after a 23-year career, stressing that rule changes implemented by the league to punish harsh contact, particularly defensive contact, had reduced levels that had existed for decades.

“The rules allowed a lot of bad habits to creep into the actual performance of the game. So I think the product is not as good as it was before in my opinion,” he complained.

The 46-year-old former quarterback recalled things like Ray Lewisformer defender baltimore ravensand deep-seated Rodney Harrisonhe plays football with patriotsand Ronnie LottWith the San Francisco 49ers, he stood out for his efficiency and defensive aggressiveness, but now he’s having issues on the job.

“I see a lot of former players like Ray Lewis, Rodney Harrison and Ronnie Lottand others who impact the game in many ways, but every hit they took today, they were punished,” he noted.

at present, National Football League It severely punishes hits to quarterbacks and receivers, which is a problem for defenders who sometimes can’t stop to avoid contact because of the speed of each play.

According to future members Hall of Famethe responsibility of protecting offensive players should fall on the coach.

“You hear coaches complaining about their players getting hit, but why don’t they talk to them about how to protect themselves? We’ve been working on those basic principles. Today, they’re trying to be regulated to protect them, but offensive players have to protect themselves without relying on others,” he said.

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