Tom Brady event dates at CDMX

'ExMa 2023': Tom Brady event dates at CDMX
Tom Brady will visit Mexico. Photo: “ExMa 2023”.

“ExMa 2023 Heroes and Doers”,event inspiration The world’s largest will reach National Auditorium Departs from Mexico City next Tuesday twenty four and wednesday October 25. The seven-time NFL Super Bowl champion will attend the space, tom brady.

In addition to NFL legends, successful leaders in the environment, business, entrepreneurship, marketing, communications and more, Brand Promotion and empowerment.

Who will be the speakers at the 2023 edition?

  • tom bradyformer leader new england patriots and tampa bay buccaneers
  • Javier “Chicharito” Hernandezmexican football player
  • Arturo Elias AyoubAmérica Móvil Director of Strategic Alliances and Content Telmex Telcel Foundation
  • Tom Biru, motivational speaker and co-founder Explore nutrition
  • Velma Niñezexpert digital marketing
  • Fernanda Famiralannouncers and lecturers
  • Arturo IslasTV hosts and environmentalists

Dane Walker, David Meltzer, Ingrid Coronado and other inspiring figures, They will also share their successful experiences “ExMa 2023 Heroes and Doers”. If you would like to attend the event, you can visit their page for more information.

What are “ExMa 2023 Heroes and Doers”?

“ExMa 2023”is the world’s largest inspirational event designed to inspire people to become better by empowering them with knowledge or advice from successful leaders.

Fernando AnzuresThe ExMA Global CEO explained that the goal of the event is to “take action and become doers.”

“We are heroes, in their heads, thoughts, bodies and actions, they are already heroes, but when you take it out for good, you realize you can change the lives of millions of people.”

Fernando Anzures / CEO EXMA Global

“This is our second year in Mexico, but this is our ninth year operating, and we have a different component, which is that we care deeply about the people leaving there to effectively change their lives,” Anzurez explain.

Tom Brady to be guest of honor at ‘ExMa 2023’

tom brady He commented that this would be the “icing on the cake” for “ExMa 2023”. anzures Regarding the former NFL quarterback, he is considered “The best player in the history of professional American football”.

This is not the first time tom brady In September 2022, the former player shared his experience in Mexico virtually with Mexicans Mexico 21st Century.

“You will face a lot of adversity, many challenges may be personal, professional, physical; they may be mental or emotional adversity. Nothing will be easy. “You have to find your own resilience to overcome what you will face. Challenge,” Brady said at the annual event. From the Telmex-Telcel Foundation.

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