Tom Brady gets bigger and talks current quarterbacks making them less

tom brady is a legend National Football League. A seven-time Super Bowl champion, leading the league in passing yards and touchdown passes, among other great records, makes him the true GOAT (the greatest of all time).

For that reason, the former New England Patriots player said he’s skeptical of the idea that another quarterback currently in the NFL can surpass or equal his legacy.

On his “Let’s Go!” podcast tom brady He was questioned by his guest Shaquille O’Neal, who asked if he thought anyone could come close to the massive success he signed.

Following the question, Tom Brady said the only one who comes close to his legacy is Patrick Mahomes, who won two Super Bowls in the past four years.

“Good question. I mean, I think when I look at players in pro football, Patrick Mahomes is the one that really stands out. They’ve done a great job since he actually took over. And he’s got a A great coach, just like I’m lucky. “You too, you have people helping you. But it would be fun to see someone do it for a long time, and I did it for a long time. When I look at my career, I’ve been able to do that every year, basically every game,” Brady said.

Tom Brady beats Patrick Mahomes to win Super Bowl

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Tom Brady thinks this is a far cry from quarterback who played 21 years in the NFL

tom brady He thinks the quarterback position has changed because a lot of guys are running the ball, which leads to potential injuries.

“I think the way the game is played, guys are running the ball more, which makes their careers shorter. So I don’t know who’s going to play 21 years, I really don’t know. I’m sure there are some guys who have the ambition to try.” . But a lot of things have to go your way,” he declared. tom bradyhe recognized how he managed to stay active in the NFL for more than 20 years.

“The only reason I was able to do this is because I had a lot of people who supported me physically, mentally and emotionally. From the first day I was drafted to my last day as a Buccaneer,” he said.

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Tom Brady breaks out vs. NFL

American football is one of the sports with a lot of contact between players, and many times the sustained hits can have an impact on the health of the players, mainly brain damage, which is why the NFL has recently changed some rules to prevent possible situations. Injuried.

However, these rule changes did not satisfy tom brady The American football legend and Super Bowl winner noted that they are trying to transform the sport into flag football, or “tochito” as it’s known in Mexico and Latin America.

“Some people want less and less physical contact in football games, closer to ‘flag football’ in the 2028 Olympics. I think American football may become flag football in the future,” Brady said.

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