Tom Brady reacts to Patriots’ 2-8 record: ‘The NFL is hard’

What does Tom Brady think of the New England Patriots’ current disastrous run?

The now-retired quarterback skirted around the topic when he was asked about it on his “Let’s Go!” Podcasts from the past week.

A day after the team lost to the Indianapolis Colts in Germany, posting its worst record since 2000, Brady emphasized how difficult it is to maintain success in the NFL.

“Look, the NFL is hard. Winning games is hard,” Brady said. “I watched the Raiders beat the Jets. I watched the Ravens lose yesterday. Every week is tough. Sometimes you play better on defense. Sometimes you play better on offense. . You have to change your strategy. Different weeks, different challenges.”

Sure, the NFL is tough. But what’s wrong with the Patriots? The team is currently at its lowest point in the Bill Belichick era. As the team heads into its bye week, there are serious concerns about the legendary coach’s job security.

However, Brady said he believes Belichick is still the same coach who led New England to its most dominant period.

“I think the Patriots are in a tough spot and just aren’t showing the same confidence that you see all the time. Coach Belichick, I don’t think the way he coaches now is any different than the way he coached when we were undefeated. “

The Patriots’ struggles since Brady left the team in 2020 have been well-documented, including the team not winning a playoff game since then and not even making the postseason since 2000.

Brady didn’t highlight any specific areas or players where the Patriots have struggled. However, I emphasize that, as is often the case in the NFL, the issues are complex.

“There’s a lot of things that need to go right in order to win and be successful,” Brady said. “The more I sit back and watch, when you win as an organization, everyone wants to celebrate and everyone has a responsibility. The same goes for when you lose, everyone has a responsibility. It can’t be that everyone wins. Everyone gets on the bus, everyone gets off the bus if they lose, let’s point the finger at one person.

“When you see failure, you see the entire organization fail, the fan base fail. Everybody’s in this together. It’s hard to get it right,” Brady continued. “When you do something right, you should really appreciate it, especially in the NFL…” The NFL is tough. Everything is trying to get you back to 8-9 or 9-8. It’s hard, you have to be grateful when you win and you have to try to fix it when you lose. “

The Patriots currently have a record of 2-8 and enter the bye week. They’ll have a chance to shake off their losing streak when they take on the New York Giants in Week 12.

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