Tom Brady reveals secrets to becoming NFL GOAT

Tom Brady is the winningest player in NFL history.

The quarterback made history by winning a historic seven Super Bowl rings, six with the New England Patriots and one with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

In addition to his innate talent, the recently retired pro admits that his mindset is crucial to excelling in American football.

“I never got discouraged because knowing how few people have the opportunity to do this, when I finally got the opportunity to make it to the NFL, after a lot of work, I made sure it lasted as long as possible.”

However, he also said that he never thought that his career would last 23 years.

The quarterback considered the best in history reveals the key points that helped him win more Super Bowl rings than the most successful teams (the Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers, both with six rings).

“What I’ve really learned is managing those emotions. Good players know how to manage all three: physical, mental and emotional.”

Regarding his eventual retirement from rugby, the GOAT said he is at peace with his decision and “very excited for what comes next.”

“I have closed an exciting chapter in my life, but I know there will be many more exciting chapters to come.”

Tom Brady expressed his gratitude to the NFL as he concluded his participation in the EXMA Heroes & Doers 2023 event: “If you think I’ve given a lot to this sport, it’s an unbelievable dream, and the fact is, this sport Did a lot for me. ”

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