Tom Brady superfan model in mini bikini hopes to collaborate with Victoria’s Secret

Veronika Rajek details her dream influencer collaborations, and one of them involves an NFL icon.

The stunning model is extremely popular on Instagram with over 6.2 million followers. 27-year-old Rajek gives exclusive interview daily star sports When she opens up about who she’d most like to collaborate with, it’s no surprise for a woman who idolizes a certain NFL legend that Tom Brady’s clothing company is one of her top choices.

The 27-year-old’s answers included: “Sports Illustrated, Brady Clothing, Mark Wahlberg Municipalities, and the Victoria’s Secret Angels if they could rise from the grave.” As he watched The seven-time Super Bowl champion’s fans became widely known for how passionate he was after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost a career NFL game to the Dallas Cowboys.

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Considering how successful Rajek’s influencer career has become, any one of these collaborations is sure to be a huge success. Despite her overwhelming success – especially on social media – her antics weren’t loved by everyone when she opened up about some of the issues she was having on TikTok.

“I started because I was – and maybe still is – too dangerous for social media,” she told Daily Star Sport. “TikTok blocked me four times for no reason just because I danced in a bikini top. We live in an unhealthy age where fatness is respected, hardworking people and healthy people are censored and banned.”

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