Tom Brady superfan Veronika Rajek slams Green Bay Packers’ tumultuous 2023 season

Veronika Rajek, who rose to fame after publicly professing her love for Tom Brady, recently shared a meme on her Instagram Story taking a swipe at the Green Bay Packers lashed out.

The Slovak model follows the NFL closely and even attends games regularly. Most recently, she uploaded a meme about the Packers, suggesting the team is going through a confusing and underwhelming season.

The meme shows a row of yellow and green bins sliding along the road due to standing water. The caption of the meme says:

“2023 Green Bay Packers:”

It’s an unintentional joke about the plight of a franchise that’s still trying to find its footing without legendary quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Image Source: Veronika Rajek’s Instagram Story

However, fans have seen steady growth in Jordan Love, who is trying to lead the team to more wins and fewer occasional losses.

Green Bay Packers performance so far

The Packers have been a mixed bag so far this season. As of now, their record is 2 wins and 3 losses.

Offensively, Green Bay put up some positive numbers. They recorded 86 total first downs, including 27 of 66 attempts on third down conversion and 4 of 8 attempts on fourth down conversion.

They had 1,408 yards of total offense, including 408 yards rushing and 1,083 yards passing. The Packers offense was also successful in touchdown conversions, scoring 13 total touchdowns.

Defensively, Green Bay faces some challenges. They allow 22.6 points per game, ranking 18th in the league. The team’s defense allowed 337.8 yards per game, ranking 17th in the league.

Their third-down conversion rate is 34.72%, ranking seventh in the league. However, their fourth-down offensive conversion rate is as high as 80%, ranking 31st in the league.

In terms of rushing defense, the Packers’ rushing rate is as high as 48.70%, allowing an average of 4.3 yards per rush. They face an average of 33.6 rushing attempts per game and allow an average of 143.4 yards per game. They average 1.2 rushing touchdowns per game.

In terms of pass defense, Green Bay’s pass rate is 51.30%, while the opposing quarterback’s pass completion rate is 66.05%. They averaged 6.0 yards per pass attempt and threw for 194.4 yards per game. Their pass interception rate was 2.47% and their sack rate was 8.47%.

While Green Bay showed promise on offense, their defense faced some challenges.

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