Tom Brady to be inducted into Patriots Hall of Fame

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Tom Brady will become the 35th member of the Patriots Hall of Fame.

Honor belongs to those who deserve it! Robert Kraft, owner of the company new england patriots, Announcement that Tom Brady will be inducted into the Hall of Fame Selected for the team on June 12, 2024. The quarterback to whom he dedicated 20 years of his career will be recognized as such.

Brady once again took to the field at Gillette Stadium, home of his beloved Patriots, wearing the jersey of his six-time Super Bowl champion team. To a roaring ovation from some 65,000 fans, they surrendered in front of the last great idol they had.

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Tom Brady returns to his home

Rules are meant to be broken, here’s why Robert Kraft announces Tom Brady won’t have to wait the usual four years For a player to be in the Hall of Fame, his stellar career with the team gives him immediate entitlement.

it will be in a ceremony Next year June 12, 2024 At Gillette Stadium, in front of his people, family and friends, Thomas Edwards Patrick Brady Jr. earns team’s top honors He made it big.

tom Brady walks across the field again, just like he has done every weekend for 20 yearsThis time, he was like a legend and got the kind of applause that only someone who makes the entire fandom happy can get.

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‘I’ve been a lifelong patriot’: Tom Brady

The California native gave a very emotional speech in which he thanked all his fans, family and friends, saying Now everyone knows where New England is.

“I was lucky enough to be chosen to come here twenty years ago. We didn’t even know where New England was, We didn’t put New England on the map. But I think more people know where the New England Patriots play.

Tom Brady, Patriots six-time Super Bowl champion

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Brady says life is about the team

“As a team, we represent them every time we take the field. It’s one of my core beliefs that nothing important in life can be achieved individually. It’s all about the team.We build team culture. They care about two things: each other and winning. If you don’t care about these two things, you won’t be here long. “

Tom Brady speaks during tribute at Gillette Stadium

“We showed America what teamwork is. Trust each other, believe in this community and fight for it, believe in a common mission and fight for it“We were able to display six of those banners and celebrate what teamwork means.”

Words from former Patriots player Tom Brady

Tom will return to Gillette Stadium next summer to once again receive one of the tributes he received after such a successful career on the field.

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