Tom Brady watched an Aces game in Las Vegas and received an unexpected complaint from a player

tom brady Become a shareholder Vegas Acethe women’s basketball team participating in the game Women’s National Basketball League At the moment he is working with New York Statue of Liberty, So the legend National Football LeagueHe immediately took action and participated in the first duel; however, he received an unexpected claim.

A few days ago, it was officially announced tom brady Already a member of the Aces, despite the fact that he announced in March that he would be joining the team as a minority, and las vegas raiders, Owned by Mark Davis.

Tom Brady took the field for the first time last Sunday, supporting the Las Vegas Aces, the current champions looking to defend their title after finishing with the best record in the league. WNBA.

for trump card Very special to see tom brady On the ground, however, for the quintet’s star playersKelsey May He complained to him because he let him know that it was time for him to show up. Given that, the former NFL player responded: “You already knew that.”

let us remember Kelsey May He has stated on several occasions that Tom Brady is his favorite athlete.

Apart from, Vegas Ace They won 99-82 in Game 1 of the WNBA Finals.

Kelsey May and Jackie Young each scored 26 points, becoming the game’s leading scorer.And it wasn’t enough for WNBA MVP Breanna Stewart who scored 21 points and grabbed 9 rebounds new york freedom Try to win.


Kelsey May

John Locher/Laplace

Tom Brady, new owner of Las Vegas Aces

tom brady Announced his participation as a shareholder on his social networks Vegas Acewhere he pledged his deep love for women’s sports.

“I have always been a huge fan of the women’s game and admire the work that Aces players, staff and the WNBA continue to do to grow the game and empower the next generation of athletes. Being a member of the Aces organization is a great opportunity to contribute in any way to this team. It is an incredible honor to contribute to this mission,” he said. Brady in a statement released by the franchise.

Tom Brady watched an Aces game in Las Vegas and received an unexpected complaint from a player


The former quarterback will continue to stay connected to the sports world Source: Twitter @TomBrady

Although he has begun to retire, the former quarterback has wasted no time in staying connected to the sports world. Since childhood, he has been inspired by the greats of the past, including members of his family.

“My love for women’s sports started at a young age when I accompanied my sisters to all their games. They were by far the best athletes in our family! We celebrated their achievements together as a family and they remain my Huge inspiration,” the former quarterback explained in a statement.

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