Tom Brady wears historic baseball jersey as excited MLB fans claim ‘he’s bringing them back’

Tom Brady has baseball fans excited about the idea of ​​bringing back an old team.

The Montreal Expos played their final season in 2004, but some fans thought the team had a chance to make a comeback.

Tom Brady once again donned an Expos jersey during a recent Topps eventImage source: Facebook/Topps
Brady puts on jersey and has fans begging for team’s returnImage source: Getty

Brady appeared at the Topps trading card event wearing an Expos jersey that featured his famous No. 12.

In 1995, Brady was selected by the Expos with the 507th overall pick in the first round. He plays catcher, but his size is better suited for football.

“I’m a good receiver,” he said during the Topps game.

“But being a catcher and being big wasn’t going to work. So I had to choose football.”

Brady decided to play in the Major League Baseball and went to the University of Michigan to study football.

The rest is history.

With Brady retiring from football and rumors of MLB expansion continuing to circulate, fans believe the NFL legend could be the perfect suitor to revive the Expos.

“Why don’t we let him lead the ownership group to bring them back?” to twitter user commented on a photo of Brady wearing an Expos jersey.

“He talks/memes so much about being the Expos that at this point if we end up coming back he has to be a part owner of the Expos or something,” another Commenters say.

Brady expressed interest in team ownership after retiring. I have purchased shares of the Las Vegas Raiders.

If the Expos do have a chance to return in MLB expansion, Brady could be a great owner to get them started.

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