Tom Brady’s advice is a ‘cheat code’

The current front-runner for NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year honors seems to think he’s getting a big boost from Tom Brady.

Houston Texans quarterback CJ Stroud was a guest on Brady’s “Let’s Go!” This week’s podcast features the preseason meetings he and other rookies had with the former New England Patriots quarterback. Stroud, who was drafted second overall by Houston, took that advice to heart — and then took it to heart.

“For me personally, it was like a cheat code to not only being an NFL quarterback, but being a professional and a real man in the game of football,” Stroud said. “After that, I just went and I took notes from you and I had the guys who made the whole video for us, I re-watched the whole video and wrote notes and really tried to make it my own and try to make it It’s really adapted into a routine. Me.

The Ohio State product said he was impressed by Brady’s emphasis on building habits and building confidence. Since arriving in Houston, Stroud has worked hard to build confidence to win over those who may not have had immediate confidence in him.

Stroud said that in addition to receiving valuable advice, he was impressed during his meeting with Brady by how down-to-earth the legendary quarterback was.

“Seeing Tom and him being so personable and relatable. You would think — he’s a seven-time NFL champion, MVP, this GOAT-level quarterback — but he was really vulnerable in that moment. “He It really makes it easy for people to understand what he’s talking about in the first place. “

Stroud was outstanding in the first nine games of his NFL career. The No. 2 pick has been one of the league’s best quarterbacks this season. He currently leads the NFL in passing yards per game (291.8) and has a passer rating of 101.0. He did this by throwing just 2 picks all year.

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