Tom Hardy and Austin Butler – “Biker Boys” opposite Mike Shannon and Norman Reedus in a movie about bikers.

Fasten your seat belts. Tom Hardy, Jodie Comer and the no longer promising Austin Butler are preparing to film a film about biker gangs: Cyclists. The cast is already quite impressive (the two leads, plus Mike Shannon, Norman Reedus and a few other famous faces), but director Jeff Nichols is no exception.

Six years have passed since his attempt (tearful To love – Love must be born free), is nominated for an Oscar, but Nichols has what it takes to oversee this project. Despite having only five feature films under his belt, he has done everything from Spielberg-style sci-fi (Midnight Special) to gritty Southern drama of the McConessean era (Dirt).
It’s not that Nichols hasn’t been trying to get back into the director’s chair lately. He had to reunite with the star Midnight SpecialAdam Driver, for drama about the Cuban revolution Yankee Commander, but it didn’t work out. Then a remake Alien nation was shelved during the Disney-Fox merger, and Nichols also abandoned the spin-off Quiet place. (To be fair, that last combination was perhaps strange). Let’s hope everything goes smoothly this time.

Austin Butler in Cyclists

Austin Butler in Cyclists

What will he talk about Cyclists

The film is inspired by the photographs of Danny Lyon, known for immortalizing outsider groups. Lyon was involved in the Civil Rights Movement and integrated himself into the culture of the subjects he chose to portray in order to gain first-hand knowledge of their world and represent them fairly. For a year he traveled with the Chicago Outlaws motorcycle gang, and the pictures became a book. Cyclistsa sensitive look at countercultural America that matches Nichols’ sensibility.

However, the film does not appear to be entirely about Lyon’s experiences with the Chicago outlaws, but rather a fictional story about a motorcycle gang.
DeadlineAnticipating the synopsis, he wrote that the project “features an original story set in the 1960s that follows the rise of a fictional Midwestern biker gang. If we consider the lives of its members, the gang develops over the course of a decade from a gathering place. from local outsiders to a more sinister gang that threatens the original group’s unique way of life.”

The first trailer is a rollercoaster of situations and emotions.

When you join a motorcycle community, you don’t just accept a lifestyle, you become a clan with its own connections, obligations and rules. And the danger of bad drifts (as the news has taught for decades). Austin Butler and Tom Hardy seem to be living it all up in the film’s first trailer, released on September 6th. With the usual intensity that distinguishes both, with both a personal and comprehensive method of immersion when meeting a new character.

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