Tom Holland, 8 things from his wardrobe that you can add to yours

Hours after waving the checkered flag at the Monaco Grand Prix, Tom Holland once again demonstrated its support for the Soho brand, Chris Gove with a shirt Percival embroidered. The Cuban forest greens of the day aside, the crisp lines and streamlined silhouette of the shirt create a sense of simplicity and utility, softened only by cream and playful embroidery. Indeed, its sharp shape and light structure make it ideal for cool southern French evenings such as the one TH experienced at a post-race event in Tag Hoyer.

If you want to wear an oversized shirt over a ribbed tank top, add a silver chain and sunglasses. Wanderers colorful. Plus a new chronograph career From Tag Hoyer it’s a piece of jewelry to wear on your wrist if you really want to look like Holland.

Percival embroidered shirt

7. Nike sneakers

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On the occasion of a rare outing with a co-star and partner ZendayaHolland chose a couple Nike Air Max 97 gray trousers, tailored trousers and a pastel-colored T-shirt. Posing with a fan, the couple set an example of lightness with tousled hairstyles and casual touches, balanced by clean lines and thoughtful details.

It is used to give a sporty touch to an overly restrained ensemble. Air Max by Holland gave the outfit a casual charm that is both full of nostalgic energy and accessible to us, lovers of simple style.

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8. White T-shirt: signature

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Even the most sophisticated celebrities can’t deny the fashion power of the all-powerful white t-shirt. In one of the embroidered shirts Ramskull sign AllSaintThe actor shared a smile with a fan on set Spiderman: No Way Home with a shock of tousled curls. Good news? These delightful t-shirts come in a pack of three, so you’ll have enough Dutch-inspired basics in your wardrobe drawer.

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Brace Ramskull Tees (Pack of 3)

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