Tomato Girl Summer, what’s the new summer trend?

A new trend that has flourished on social media will come with our summer. Have you heard of Tomato Girl Summer? We tell you what it is.

TIC Toc It can be a wonderful place to be when it comes to beauty trends. The last point is indeed an ideal lifestyle for those who intend to spend their summer holidays. have you ever heard of tomato girl,

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Afterwards barbicore And this mermaid coreWhich is built on the crest of the wave, and is also preferred in addition to Fairycore. Ariana Grande, it’s Tomato Girl time. It is not easy to explain what exactly is included in this trend, but TikTok has tried to broaden its horizons by showing everything that is included in this trend. full name is Tomato Girl Summer and as reported teen Voguethe passage will inspire hot girl summer Of megan the stallion, What makes this trend even more special is that it refers to a very specific niche and is particularly appreciated by Generation Z. Let’s find out specifically what Tomato Girl Summer is all about.

Tomato Girl Summer, the trend that TikTokers love in Europe

After Cowgirl Costiera, it’s time for Tomato Girl Summer. This trend gives strength Place context and inspired by Mediterranean coast where many dishes are commonly consumed TomatoRaise your hand if you don’t love a good summer tomato salad. It’s not a dish that only us Italians love, that’s for sure, and taking inspiration from it this summer a new beauty trend has blossomed. But, on the glam side, the trend doesn’t refer to any specific outfit or color, but rather embraces everything that the holiday atmosphere might suggest. As a result, it doesn’t matter where you are: Tomato Girl Summer becomes a lifestyle.

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This trend, also liked by the people of Tiktok, definitely starts with the choice of color that refers Tomato, but also includes more delicate and minimalist nuances. Neutral colors like bronze, white and even black. He does not mind adding colors that smell like summer, such as the green of the trees or the blue of the ocean, as well as the sand and brown nuances of the mountains. as you specify teen VogueJewelry favor especially hot gold, But there is also room for silver. And what about clothes? poll points up Cotton And sunnyas well as protection payment And crochetWhich returns to the limelight every summer, also conquering beachwear.

Also included are additional details to enrich the Tomato Girl summer trend even more floz, puffed sleeves, sweetheart neckline, Being a lifestyle that aims for the perfect vacation, this trend doesn’t leave out sunscreen (which is a must-have to always carry, especially in summers) to use as a base for healthy, protected and glowing skin. In fact, even the makeup tends to be as natural and minimal as possible. Who started this trend? According to ByrdieIt all started with a short video shared by bemusedbeanie via TikTok.

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