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The Hateful Eight
3 Paradise – 21.20
After plunging into freezing Wyoming, Jackson’s stagecoach (James Parks) heads for the city of Red Rocks.
Aboard the carriage are bounty hunter John Ruth (Kurt Russell) and fugitive Daisy Domergue (Jennifer Jason Leigh); Ruth wants to betray the criminal and pocket the booty. He is afraid of ambushes, cautious, but when he meets Major Warren (Samuel L. Jackson), a former soldier turned bounty hunter, on the way, he lets him go. A blizzard forces travelers to stop at a store where four unscrupulous men are.
And Quentin Tarantino is crazy.

Meet Christopher Robin
Channel 5 – 21.20
Simon Curtis is making a poetic biopic about A. A. Milne (Donal Gleason), the father of Winnie the Pooh and the Hundred Acre Wood gang. Before becoming a favorite character in children’s picture books, the teddy bear, born from the pen of a British writer, was a soft toy. Brought home by Mrs. Milne (Margot Robbie, now crowned as a superstar with a Barbie) for her son Christopher Robin’s first birthday, he becomes an inseparable kid’s playmate and leader of the plushie gang.

Big Wednesday
Film Paradise – 21.10
John Milius’ cult film has made history and continues to move forward. It tells the story of the American dream, hopes, defeats, the Vietnam War, the quest for change through the melancholy story of three friends (Gary Busey, Jan-Michael Vincent, William Katt), champion surfers who take on the waves on California beaches. United by the passion of the board with which they perform formidable tricks and make them feel invincible, separated by life, years later they will find themselves on the beach together for their last performance and still defy the big wave.

TV Guide Tonight August 18, 2023: First and Second Evening

Paradise 1

21.25 I DREAM AND I WAKE Let’s take a look at the best of the TV shows aired in past seasons, enriched by the many prestigious guests who took the stage with the great Massimo Ranieri.

Paradise 2

21.00 ITALY – SWITZERLAND European Women’s Championship At the Monza Arena, Davide Mazzanti’s Azzurre will face Switzerland in the group stage of the European Volleyball Championship. Commentary by Marco Fantasia, technical commentary by Giulia Pisani.

23.00 Total Summer Football Football

Paradise 3

21.20 THE HATED EIGHT Directed by Quentin Tarantino with Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, USA 2015, Drama A few years after the American Civil War, a stagecoach makes its way through the winter landscapes of Wyoming. Bounty hunter John Root and fugitive Daisy Domergue are on board.

Network 4

21.20 THIRD CLUE Alessandra Viero hosts a news program focusing on women who have been victims of violence.

Channel 5

21.20 MEET CHRISTOPHER ROBIN Directed by Simon Curtis with Domhnall Gleason, UK 2017 Biopic Inspired by his son Christopher Robin’s toys, writer A. A. Milne creates Winnie the Pooh stories that can bring hope and comfort to an England recovering from the First World War.

Inside: 22:15 Tgcom;

Italy 1

21.20 Chicago Police Jesse Lee Soffer, Carmela Zumbado, Michael Gaston Voight and the team help paralegal Nina Chapman track down a drug dealer. Voight uncovers the secret of Chapman’s past.

22.15 Chicago Police In a trap. TV show

May 23 Law & Order: Organized Crime, Guns and Roses. Christopher Meloni, Daniel Monet Truitt, Ainsley Seiger

23:55 Law & Order: Organized Crime You can’t kick work. Christopher Meloni, Daniel Monet Truitt, Ainsley Seiger

21.15 EVIL – SUSPECT Directed by Harold Becker with Nicole Kidman, Bill Pullman, Alec Baldwin, USA 1993, Crime. As Andy and his wife Tracey remodel a large Victorian home, Andy’s life is turned upside down by a series of events.

Heavenly Programming Tonight August 18, 2023

Sky One
21.15 Alessandro Borghese – 4 restaurants (v. 8 eps. 5, 6)

23:35 dream for rent (v. 4 eps. 6, 5)

sky atlantic

21.15 Dominate (v. 1 eps 3, 4)

23.15 Dominate (v. 1 eps 3, 4)

Sky Cinema One

21.15 Airplane. Jean-Francois Richet, Gerard Butler

May 23 Welcome to the south. Luca Miniero, Claudio Bisio

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