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Jagger, portrait of an ageless rock star

Special Tg 5: Mic 80

Channel 5 – 23:15

Susanna Galeazzi talks about the sensational creative and personal life of Mick Jagger, the voice of The Rolling Stones, who turns 80. A chic rebel born in Dartford, Kent, southeast of London, on July 26, 1943, Jagger reaches the 80-year mark, dominating the stage with energy and style. Since 2014, she has been paired with Melanie Hamrick (36 years old). In 2016, he became a father for the eighth time. In 2022, 14 concerts as part of the Sixty European Tour for the 60th anniversary of the group. This year, buying a house in Portopalo di Capo Passero, in the province of Syracuse: Italy is his second home.

tuesday club

Paradise 1 – 21.25

Yes, a cooking class can change your life. Trying is believing, meanwhile, takes place in director Annika Appelin’s sentimental comedy about Karen (Marie Richardson) who lives a happy and peaceful life, proud of her family. The Devil Makes Pots, Not Lids: On her 40th wedding anniversary, she discovers that her husband Sten (Bjorn Kälman) is cheating on her. Suddenly, everything changes and after the initial shock, he decides to pursue his passion for cooking. She enrolls in a course and meets a charming chef.

In a short age

3 Paradise – 21.20

A history of the twentieth century in six anniversaries interspersed with 2023: this is the new Rai Cultura series presented and commented on by Prof. Alessandro Barbero. The first issue, curated by Emanuele Colarossi, chronicles the historic feat of climbers Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary, who on 29 May 1953 were the first in the world to climb Everest, Earth’s highest mountain at 8,848 meters. The star of La7 from next season will be the historian Alessandro Barbero, who is very fond of the public: he will be entrusted with the main and second evening editions.

TV Guide Tonight July 26, 2023: First and Second Evening

Paradise 1

21.25 TUESDAY CLUB – TALISMAN OF HAPPINESS Directed by Annika Appelin with Marie Richardson, Sweden, 2022, comedy When she finds out about her husband’s infidelity on her 40th wedding anniversary, Karin leaves him and starts a new life. So he enrolled in a cooking class taught by a talented chef…

23.20 tg 1 pm

23.25 Streets of Overland Uganda 2. Filippo and Beppe Tent were brought.

Paradise 2

21.20 CRIMES IN PARADISE Along with Chris Marshall, Ralph Little, Gary Carr, Neville receives an envelope with a letter that says: “There will be a murder today.” In fact, the body of Jake Dalton will be found at sea. The man moved to the island a few years earlier with his wife Rose.

23:30 Stories of women at the crossroads Episode from 07/26/2023. Hosted by Monica Cetta

23:55 Weather 2

Paradise 3

21.25 IN A SHORT AGE The historic feat of climbers Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary, who on May 29, 1953 were the first in the world to climb Mount Everest, the highest mountain on earth, 8,848 meters. With Professor Alessandro Barbero.

May 23 TG 3 Summer Night Line

23:35 Weather 3 Weather forecast

23:40 Informer – Three seconds to survive Directed by Andrea Di Stefano. With Ana de Armas, Clive Owen, Joel Kinnaman (drama, 2019)

Network 4

21.20 WHITE ZONE Meeting with an in-depth program led by Giuseppe Brindisi. Interviews, surveys, guests in the studio and online for a conversation on the most relevant topics.

Channel 5

21.20 LADY FOX Together with Emilia Fox, Tara Fitzgerald and Giovanni Chirfiera, Silvia, who was transferred to Italy, works on archaeological excavations. When the skeleton is found, the townspeople believe that it is the body of a girl who disappeared 25 years ago.

23.20 Tg5 special Mike 80

Italy 1

21.20 FREE SUMMER Roberto Giacobbo and the Freedom team are back with the best of the latest releases. A journey to discover the beauty of our planet and the most hidden and untouched places.


21.15 ATLANTIS – HISTORIES OF PEOPLE AND WORLDS Andrea Purgatori returns to the case of the Florentine monster, an investigation that extends to Perugia and involves the mysteriously deceased Dr. Francesco Narducci.

Heavenly Programming Tonight, July 26, 2023

Sky One

21.15 home restaurant (v. 2 eps. 3, 4)

23.15 dream for rent (v. 4 eps. 2, 1)

sky atlantic

21.15 The final boss of King’s Cross

May 23 The final boss of King’s Cross

Sky Cinema

21.15 Shock therapy. Peter Segal starring Jack Nicholson

May 23 Jurassic World – Domination. Colin Trevorrow, Chris Pratt

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