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Some artists do not need years to realize their most ambitious and representative work, while others manage to immediately present it to the world, blowing up the public consciousness with debut albums so phenomenal that sometimes they do not even get an encore. Some of these debuts, not many but still a significant number, manage to have such a huge impact on their genre or even on culture more generally that it becomes hard to remember the past.

Although not a rule, there are still many debut albums that instantly made their authors stars, as well as instant classics. That’s why it’s hard to narrow down the list to 10 albums, even though we tried. We present you our selection of the best debut albums of all time.

10. Cardi B – Invasion of privacy (2018)

When Cardi B released his first and so far only studio album titled Invasion of personal space in 2018 he broke all records. It’s actually the rapper’s album that stayed on the charts the longest. Billboard 200, and also became the first album in the history of music, all tracks of which reached platinum status and above. The artist also became the first female rapper to win a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album as a solo artist. It must be said that all these praises are deserved; Invasion of personal space in fact, this is an outstanding debut, solid and full of charisma from one of the most charming rappers in the world. With lyrics that are brutally sincere and able to touch on a wide range of topics: fame, wealth, sex and feminism, while not forgetting Cardi’s past as a stripper. Especially on a beautiful and cruel track Bodak Yellow when he says “I’m not dancing right now, I’m making money moves.” On the wave of hip-hop rhythms and explosive traps Invasion of personal space solidified Cardi B’s prominence in hip-hop, not to mention helped usher in a new era of female rapper dominance.

9. Dizzy the Rascal – boy in the corner (2003)

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