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games to play in the car
games to play in the car

If you get bored during long car journeys, introduce these five fun and challenging games to your fellow adventurers.

when you get in the car long journey, It is not always easy to stay calm and patient until arrival. especially when god is in the car Children who, without hesitating like adults, start crying or throwing tantrums Yes they bored Very.

Then you just have to try to restore order inside the car by offering various Fun, easy, useful and above all, safe machine game. Remember: however long the journey is, you don’t have to do it for any reason distracted Driver because he is the one in whose hands you and your life.

In fact, these five games that we suggest playing in the car during very long journeys do not distract the driver, on the contrary: they help him stay put i wake up And it also keeps the passengers awake, to keep up with them. Anyway, here is a list of five fun games that you can play in your car:

chain, suitcase, alphabet, actors and movies and karaoke, Each of these old but still modern machine games has its own specialties Rule And below you’ll also find them related with examples to make it easier for you to understand these car pastimes if you don’t know them.

Chain, Suitcase and the Alphabet

to play chain need a passenger say a word at random and the other passenger must say another word that begins with the same last syllable as the word already said, And Example: CatTo,ToRKing,KingThe first Moe to make a mistake or find no words to say is eliminated. There suitcase is a game of Memory and whoever begins must say the general formula, namely I leave for a desert island and put inside a suitcase… And he adds the object he wants. the other participant must Redo everything and add your own object And so on. To Example, I leave for a desert island and put my dress inside a suitcase, I leave for a desert island and put my bathing suit and a book inside the suitcase.

to playAlphabet need to make an offer theme, After finding the theme, the player must say a corresponding word for each letter of the alphabet, To ExampleIf theme And animalsThe words are: To= antelope b=baboon, C= dog D=dromedary, And=elephant F=butterfly, YesCat etc.

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actors and movies and karaoke

to run ads actors and moviesfirst passenger Start with an actor’s namethe second one say a film in which the actor actedanother player he answers with another actor in that movie And so on. To Example, Johnny Depp,Sweeney Todd – The Wicked Barber of Fleet Street,Helena Bonham Carter,king’s talk,Colin Firth,genius etc. A Type belongs to this game guess who it iswhere it is needed guess what the character thought from a friend Ask a maximum of ten questions.

And, finally, a great classic: the karaoke, blast yourself playlist turn on from your mobile phone or radio And Sing Songs that you listen to at the top of your lungs. then suddenly, turn down the volume and keep singing, the game is to find out if you have kept it correct tempoOnce you do, turn up the volume on your stereo or mobile phone. An enjoyable pastime that will never lose its charm, Introduce these to new generations, so that one day they too can do the same with their children and this game will live forever.

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