Top 5 Paul Thomas Anderson Movie Characters

What characters graced the director’s films? What faces are indelibly imprinted in our imagination?

Technique, taste, freshness, talent; it may not be sufficiently quoted and lauded among filmmakers who have appreciated the seventh art in recent years, but movie chewers know this, no doubt: as demonstrated Paul Thomas Anderson film characterswhen we talk about a director who, among others, directed such masterpieces as oilman, Magnolia AND boogie nightswe do not hesitate for a second to define him as one of the masters of modern industry. Incomparable cinematic sensibility and unmistakable long which he taught us go hand in hand with actor’s backing, instantly placing each film on a raised plane. It seems that writing a piece is always about the complexity of the characters who bring it to life: charismatic, perishable, imperfect, vicious, complex in its essence, truthful, humane, bewitching. Each character has a rounded shape and is entirely built on the interpretive authority of luxurious masters: from Mark Wahlberg To Daniel Day-Lewisfrom Tom Cruise To Joaquin Phoenix. Let’s discover his face, discover every light through the analysis of the top 5 main characters of feature films signed by the director.

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1. Dirk Diggler (Boogie Nights – Another Hollywood)

Dirk Diggler (Boogie Nights - Other Hollywood Movie Characters by Paul Thomas Anderson

Interpreted Mark Wahlberg, Dirk Diggler ambitious protagonist boogie nightswho uses his natural physique to succeed in the porn industry. The complexity of the character is in his vulnerability and relationships which he creates with other characters (such as Jack Horner, played by Burt Reynolds and Amber Waves performed Julianne Moore), in an ongoing search for identity and self-discovery that goes through various moments of identity crisis due to substance abuse and instability of success.

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2. Frank TJ McKee (Magnolia)

Frank TJ McKee: Magnolia characters from the films of Paul Thomas Anderson

Interpreted Tom Cruise, Frank TJ McKee he is an extremely self-confident motivator: from seminar to seminar he shows himself untouchable, protected by charisma and innate manipulative abilities which leads to seduction and control over the other. However, this unapproachability of his is softened by the relationship plot that drives the film and which forces him to confront his father, who was always absent (Earl Partridge, played by Jason Robards) and show fragility always kept under lock and key.

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3. Daniel Plainview (b.oilman) – perhaps the most unforgettable of the characters in the films of Paul Thomas Anderson.

Daniel Plainview Oilman

Interpreted Daniel Day-Lewis, Daniel Plainview is one of the most fascinating and controversial movie characters of the last 20 years. He too charismatic and manipulativestands out more blind ambition; lonely, individualistic, ferociousPlainview cares about its own oil and little else power hungry, continuous growth and completely insensitive to the outside world and others. All his inner cruelty is shown in his constant confrontation with the preacher Eli Sunday (Paul Dano), in the repeatedly repeated face-to-face encounter between the material aspiration and the spirit.

4. Lancaster Dodd (Master)

Lancaster Dodd Master

Interpreted Philip Seymour Hoffman, Lancaster Dodd fits perfectly into this discourse regarding charismatic complexity of the characters. Founder Causesect that promotes certain spiritual practices, he demonstrates ability to convince typical of the few, by which he unites adepts and followers. These include Freddie Quell (performed by Joaquin Phoenix) presents a rather exciting challenge for Dodd, who develops a special relationship of friendship and constant learning with him. And again charisma is balanced vulnerability which is not hidden at all, but is shown as a continuous oscillation between apparent genius and semblance of madness character.

5. Even Larry “Doc” Sportello (Form defect) among the best characters in Paul Thomas Anderson films

Larry Doc Sportello Vice President Form

Interpreted Joaquin Phoenix, Larry “Doc” Sportello is the lead detective Form defectbased on the novel Thomas Pynchon. Perfectly characterizedaesthetics in the style of the 70seven a carefree approach clearly reflects its nature. stereotyping hippie culture: He calm, relaxed, seraphicis constantly under the influence of marijuana, but, despite this, manifests itself great intuition and perseverance in his investigation and in his constant search for the truth.

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