trailer for stop-motion animated film about Leonardo da Vinci

From the creators of Ratatouille comes the trailer for The Inventor, a stop-motion animated film about the life of Leonardo da Vinci. The voices of the main characters will be Stephen Fry, Daisy Ridley and Marion Cotillard.

The Inventor: Trailer for stop-motion animated film about Leonardo da Vinci

Jim Capobianco, author of the highly successful Ratatouille, lands behind the camera (along with Pierre-Luc Granjon) in a new animated film. Inventorin US theaters August 25, which traces the life of Leonardo da Vinci.

As seen in the recently released trailer, The Inventor will focus in particular on the last years of the genius inventor’s life, who is actually depicted with a long white beard and no hair. As pictures show Da Vinci intending to work on his many inventions, a voice-over informs us that the focus of the film will be on the story of the birth of what he considers himself to be a “pretty astute inventor”. As is often the case, not everyone appreciates genius, and while many are enthusiastic, many others irritated his audacity, especially the authorities, who put an end to his works, perceiving his works as subversive, a threat to Italian values. It is this ostracism that will push da Vinci to adventure in Francewhere he can freely express his creativity.

Made in stop trafficThe Inventor has more than one strong point. If the plot tickles our curiosity and the most patriotic strings of our heart (Italy against France, and this immediately business Gioconda), there are other elements that make the film interesting, primarily dubbing. In fact, Leonardo will be voiced by Stephen Fry, while Marion Cotillard will voice Louise di Savoia and Rey Daisy Ridley from Star Wars will be Marguerite of Navarre. Finally, Matt Berry will become Pope Leo X.

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