Travis Scott: copying Kanye West?

It was 2021 when Ye said in an interview with Revolt.TV: “When I used to call Travis (Scott) “boy”, know what I say to him: “You’re copying me, boy.” (…) I respect Travis. And if I am a father, because I am a father, the children should know that they are children.“. An obvious argument that actually says a lot about how Scott has adopted much of Ye’s style over the years.both musically and aesthetically. Time for UTOPIAScott’s new album, became a worldwide hit, which again surfaced talk, because many noted similarities between Houston rapper’s album and IZUSand because the poster announcing the next tour Utopian Grand Circus signed George Condo, an artist historically associated with Ye, who would essentially have a say in the creation of Scott’s new album, just as Scott had a say in the creation of YEEZUS. It’s not to mention Mike Dean’s participation on both albumsrumors that some of Scott’s songs were created during Donda’s creative sessions and literal sampling Numbers on the board by Pusha T, which was produced by, among other things, Kanye.

But the similarity is not limited, as we have already said, only to music, it extends to some of the style traits that Scott seems to have picked up from West. While the two ways of dressing are completely different (A$AP Rocky was the one who accused Scott of stealing his vibe at one point), there are some similarities. We have listed the most obvious ones.

Leather pants

Leather pants have become very popular in recent years (overtaken by cargo pants this year), and Travis has certainly worn many of them, even creating a few pairs for the Jordan x Travis Scott collaboration. But how can one not remember how, ten years ago, Kanye recalled with a touch of resentment how he proposed the idea of ​​“leather sweatpants” to the top management of Fendi, but was later rejected. In fact, with the possible exception of Ricky Martin, Kanye was one of the most important proponents of leather pants – and perhaps we’ve all copied him to some extent. Speaking of trousers, we might also add that in the era immediately before the Yeezy boom, Ye wore a lot of skinny jeans, ripped trousers, and a few years later, favored cargo trousers. All the pants Scott still wears.

Checked shirts

There was a time when a modest plaid shirt was worn only by hipsters who posed as lumberjacks or grunge fanatics. It was from this scene that E took various stylistic elements (including shabby dresses and old T-shirts, which we will return to shortly), chief among which was the plaid flannel shirt. In particular, Kanye liked to pair them with more visible streetwear pieces like hoodies and, in one case, even the Supreme Box Logo crew neck, his Fear of God slogan flannel he wore during the YEEZUS era remains famous. For Scott, his passion for flannel almost certainly stemmed from his Texan background, but the style is essentially the same, with a few necessary exceptions. However, it is clear that the flannel is an emblematic garment of the American tradition, synonymous with outdoor work and an icon of the blue collar world, and so we can assume that even if the two had not met, they would still be wearing the clothes. .

Consistent earthy tones

Let’s get down to business. The general population of the world, including fashion lovers, tends to love grey, black and various shades of blue. The love of beige is not very common, and the same earthy tones in men are rare. Of course, both Travis and Ye have provided important lessons in this regard. Especially in the case of the first, outfits in earthy tones are perhaps the most successful. But when it comes to pairing neutrals and earthy tones, Ye was a forerunner that many still don’t follow.

shirt Celine spring-summer 11

5 things Travis Scott copied from Kanye But who hasn't copied from Kanye?  |  Image 465680

5 things Travis Scott copied from Kanye But who hasn't copied from Kanye?  |  Image 465679

In 2018, Travis Scott even made it to Vogue for wearing the same shirt from Phoebe Philo’s Celine SS11 collection. Seven years ago this shirt was made a classic by Ye, who wore it to a historic performance at Coachella. This is possibly the most direct reference to Ye’s clothing Scott has ever made, and the most commendable.

Vintage t-shirts

Not to mention the vintage Akira T-shirt (the anime most associated with Ye) worn by Scott, both artists are very fond of the rarer, older and often shabby T-shirts. This vibe then gradually spread to the rest of mainstream fashion, but it is entirely a stylistic hallmark of both. And if Kanye was a pioneer in the rediscovery of vintage t-shirts, it was Scott who made them extremely popular among Gen Z.

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