Travis Scott: “K-pop” (meaning and translation)

Can’t wait to hear the new album”utopia”, is scheduled to release on July 28 and is the fourth film in the career of the American rapper travis scott graced us today with a song co-written by bad rabbit And weekend,
title is “k-pop“, and it was extracted from above”utopia”, an album that has become one of the most eagerly awaited albums of the year.
Then, without getting into further details, let’s get down to the quick Meaning And this text translation Of “k-pop,

Meaning of “K-pop”

the passage refers to a korean women With whom a passionate relationship was established.

text translation

(Intro: Travis Scott)
we will make it big baby
We see

(Verse 1: Travis Scott)
rock it, uh (uh)
get that shit out of here (here)
fills you up in one gulp
you fall but i hold on
around the net, you hit
around the map, you travel
take it like nine out of ten (yeah)
i think they’ll find it again
i think i need to bond again
behind the die, i sin and pass out
i can’t forget the place we went
right after i put it on my head
do you still pop them? do you still dance
are you still falling? know that you can
I’ve got a lot of stuff, but I’m still on the ball

(Verse 2: Bad Bunny)
yes yes yes yes yes
long time no see you huh
It’s playing in Miami right now, hey hey hey
i don’t have rodeo anymore
Now I’m scared in the G-Wagon, hey
and i push it in front of you on the beach
as before, on the path of maya
you didn’t even smoke and i took you
And I’m so mad, so mad, so mad, so mad, so mad, so mad
You’re mad, mad, mad, I’m mad, mad, mad
If your mother catches us now, she’ll ask me for a picture
Note blows me up, tick-tock explodes me
I’m going to Kayo Musha, I’ve already sent the message to the pilot, hey-hey

(Chorus: Travis Scott and The Weeknd)
this time i know
you feel like a winner
that night was rough
i need you back first
come back like this
when the shit gets cold
let’s go back to running
i hold you

(Bridge: The Weeknd and Travis Scott)
ooh (one)
Ooh-ooh (mum-mum, mum-mum)
ooh (mum-mum, mum-mum)
ooh-yeah (mmm-mmm)

(Verse 3: The Weeknd, Travis Scott and Bad Bunny)
mix medicine with pain
let the waves guide you
You’re in Cannes and St-Tropez and you call my name
You know I’m wrong on the face, uh
you know i’m into that k-pop
that rubs against your body
you will take off all your clothes
in the south of france, we party
this is not a small boat
We’ll fuck till we hit the sea
you are my little naughty mami, mami
you love me you can tell that you love me
Even if you don’t really think so (mm-mm)
sex will make you believe it (mmm-mmm)
I like it when it’s up to me (Mm-Mm)
I love it when he calls me a “sinner” (mum-mum)
even if it’s korean (mum-mum)
I wash her over like a tsunami, ‘nami, ooh, yeah (yeah-yeah, yeah, yeah)

(Chorus: Travis Scott and The Weeknd)
i know about this time
you felt like a winner (winner)
that night was rough
i need you back first
come back like this
when the shit gets cold
let’s go back to running
i hold you

(Outro: Bad Bunny & Travis Scott)
Yes-yes, yes, yes (one).


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