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With the tragedy Astroworld 2021 ended that year in Houston, Texas, it was unclear Travis Scott he would be able to get back into the controversy and get back to the bike, especially live. Certainly, the record that gave the festival its name allowed it to rise to global superstardom and become an even more powerful and pervasive brand than it already was. The disc, very enjoyable, so full of guests that he passed more as an artistic director than as a writer, was not unforgettable, but a powerful advertising machine filled in all the gaps, turning him into the king of the scene.

After a few years (pandemic) he comes Utopia, Scott has canceled 2021 events and returned to performing while also touring our neighborhoods. At the same time, phantasmagoric announcements: a live performance at the Pyramid of Giza is taken for granted and then cancelled. Then another event, again – and unexpectedly – in our area, as evidenced by the title chosen for the track on the album with The Weeknd and Swae Lee, and the documentary associated with its release, CIRCUS MAXIMUS. The concert came out of nowhere and is likely to follow suit soon (where are the presales?).

We are next to the megalomania made in Kanye West and the blockbuster in the format of the Hip-Hop album, and yet the record is immediately compared with jesus, the rapper’s record that hit No. 10 and helped launch many young producers, and with which Scott himself collaborated when he was still under his wing. Probably two songs UtopiaTelekinesis AND God’s Country – they come from sessions Dondaand we are talking about work, obviously incomparable in quality and importance.

So what can we say about a brilliant operation, which (minus the crossover) resembles the operation performed by Lil Uzi Vert For pink ribbon: Demonstration of means and possibilities without real artistic urgency or specific planning. In which once again the curatorship and the festival of feat. – Beyonce, Bon Iver, Bad Bunny, The Weeknd, Drake, Playboi Carti, James Blake, etc. – exceeds the actual result. And the quality of the bars and the presentation of what the main character should have – and this is nothing new – is in last place.

Myself Howtromir there was a haribo trap in the colors of David LaChapelle, Utopia This is cartilage plasty against the light. A hologram that thinks it’s human, born to be admired. Paradoxically, this is an empty show, with no real hits, but a perfect fit for the algorithms of the streaming platforms we already know will love. K-pop with heavyweights Bad Boy and The Weeknd (and who have absolutely nothing in k-pop).

An album intended for the digital analogue of Madame Tussauds.

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