Travis Scott’s phone is on the ocean floor, lawyer claims during Astroworld trial – News

Travis Scott’s lawyer, Steve Brody, told the court that no information from the Los Angeles rapper’s phone could be used in the Astroworld trial because it was at the bottom of the ocean.

On September 18, Scott faced a civil trial lasting more than eight hours stemming from hundreds of lawsuits filed following the 2021 Astroworld tragedy, in which a crowd was crushed and 10 people were killed.

rolling stone reported that attorneys representing the plaintiffs had urgently requested phone information from the eight-time Grammy nominee, his company Global Inc and Cactus Jack employees, but that information had not yet been provided.

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Lawyers pointed out that earlier in the case, Scott and XX Global Inc had previously refused to turn over information from their phones on various grounds, saying the request was a “search for confidential and/or sensitive information” and that the disclosure of the documents in question was “unnecessarily accumulating or duplicative of other requests “

Ted Anastasiou, a spokesman for the Houston native, denied any suggestion that Scott or his team obstructed the case, saying they have “nothing to hide and are cooperating in all pending civil litigation.”

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Alternately, reflecting combative trial procedure, Scott’s team points the finger at the plaintiffs’ team, citing late filings and postponements of depositions as signs of lack of cooperation. In response, the plaintiff team acknowledged that while some of their actions may have been difficult, they at least provided documents, while “Travis Scott and his team stand out in that they did not provide a single text message, WeChat message, videos or photos from their phones – not because they don’t exist – but because his lawyers decided not to photograph or check their phones under court orders.”

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