Tried Jennifer Lopez’s New Facial and Here’s the Result

Jennifer Lopez54 years old, distinguished by porcelain skin and lion hair, as well as talent and personality.

It’s obvious that Jenny from the block it comes from another planet where there are no laws that govern the life of us earthlings, such as time and gravity.

The singer, actress, dancer knows that this is wrong and comes to our aid.

Olive oil, peptides… Jennifer Lopez shares her youth elixirs with us

Following the launch of her beauty brand JLo Beauty in 2021, a professional facial serum is entering the market. JLO Beauty Booster is designed for Hydrafacial treatments..

And we’re talking about the latter today because we went to London to try it out for you at the only Hydrafacial flagship store in Europe.

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We tried the JLO Beauty Booster in a preview in London.

For those who don’t know him Hydrafacial is a celebrity-favorite facial treatment suitable for all skin types, available worldwide and in Italy at select beauty centers.

Hydrafacial is not just a facial cleansing – it is face care unique, made on a special machine using Vortex Fusion technology. A professional performs 3 stages of treatment with a spiral cylinder.

Hydrafacial: cleansing, extracting and moisturizing in one treatment.

First, cleansing occurs: with the help of peeling, dead cells are removed and the epidermis is renewed. Then comes the extraction time – a very pleasant moment – when impurities and blackheads are sucked up by the spiral and into a container called “hunks‘.

Watch your hunks After the treatment is complete, the moment of truth comes: do you clean your face often enough?

Finally, it’s time to restore the hydration and nourishment of the skin through the introduction of active ingredients and special ingredients contained in the selected bottle.

And it is at the third stage that this comes into play. JLo Beauty’s signature shine elixir.

JLO Beauty Booster promises to give you shine Jenny from the Block

J.LO Beauty Booster promises to improve, brighten and hydrate the skin thanks to its valuable composition. “Shine with confidence” is the slogan of the product. Can we not try?!

Booster contains niacinamide, olive leaf extract, fermented adaptogens. – from snow fungus, beetroot to gotu kola -, e patented Hydracomplex. A super serum, application and absorption of which are improved thanks to the HydraFacial device.

But does the treatment really work? We reveal it to you

This collaboration could only have been a (brilliant) marketing gimmick, because JLO mania is serious business: mind you, the June product sold out immediately.

Soon also in Italy, see photos before and after. no filter, if the treatment really worksand is it worth spending around 150 euros for a 40 minute session.

J Lo Hydrafacial: The Verdict

shine There is. This is undeniable. Do I look like Jennifer Lopez now? I don’t know.

Of course, my skin is very glowing, it is smoother and smoother, almost like glass. The result is amazing, considering that both peeling and extraction are so gentle that I almost took a nap.

Also, for those who are not a fan like me, physical contact with a pro is minimal because almost everything is done with a cylinder.

Glass skin in an hour? Oh yeah

To get that glow I made a cure Platinumwhich also includes 15 minutes led therapytotal cost of about 200 euros.

The very last step of treatment is applying UVA/UVB protection – not that there is a lot of sunshine in London, but protection must be applied at all times.

So, was it worth it? In my opinion, yes.

Hydrafacial is a procedure worth trying at least once

Hydrafacial is a great alternative to classic facial cleansing, it is more gentle and effective, as well as more pleasant and relaxing.

I don’t know if this result is from the J.LO booster (there are many other serums, including collaborations with brands like Murad and Omorovicza), but this is definitely a great serum that suits all skin types.

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