TV host Margarita Ortega talks about her difficult health situation

Margarita Ortega, charismatic Colombian television personality known for her prominent roles in several television shows RCN, Noticiero CM& and tv snailhas always been a symbol of spontaneity and freshness.

Her vibrant presence is not limited to the small screen but also extends to social media where she passionately shares her love of reading. However, behind the dazzling screen, Ortega had to face serious health-related challenges.

The beloved Cali native, who has successfully won over viewers with her genuine simplicity and joy both on and off camera, recently shared intimate details about her life on the show “Happiness with Flavia”, Hosted by Flavia dos Santos.

Margarita opened up about the many health trials she faced in a fairly short period of time, particularly recurring respiratory ailments such as rhinitis, sinusitis and asthma.

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“My days consisted of endless doctor visits, going from clinic to clinic looking for answers”, he admitted. Despite the circumstances, her dedication to her career and role as a mother never wavered, even as the burden began to take its toll. “I feel like I’m being overwhelmed by a relentless schedule and my body can’t keep up,” she added.

During this difficult time, Margarita found that her medications only relieved symptoms but did not provide a lasting solution.In order to seek relief, she decided to Re-evaluate your lifestyle and explore alternatives regain health.

That’s when she was introduced to bioenergetic medicine, a practice that, while strange to many, gave her a new perspective on her own health. A specialist helped him understand that his body was fighting toxemia, a result of his body’s inability to process the food he had eaten.

This led her to make a transformative decision: completely change her eating habits. “I realized that the food I ate had a direct impact on how I felt and how I breathed,” she explains. Although there were some initial problems with Margarita’s new eating habits, and her weekend indulgences often landed her back in the hospital, Margarita was determined to make lasting changes.

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He eventually opted to go vegetarian, a change he says brought significant improvements to his health in just three months. “It was a revelation, realizing that I could control my health through what I ate,” she shared. Fortunately, this change allowed him to break away from drug dependence and find a path to a healthier, happier life.

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