Tv programs Tonight today March 14, 2023: Live film not to be missed

This Tuesday, March 14, 2023, Raiuno will broadcast the fiction Six women – The mystery of Leila, with Maya Sansa. In the meantime, Italia 1 will broadcast current events with the program Le Iene, conducted by Belen Rodriguez. Raitre will broadcast current events with the #Carartabianca program, hosted by Bianca Berlinguer. Finally, Canale 5 will broadcast the Champions League match between Porto and Inter.
Tune in to Rai tonight, Tuesday 14 March 2023. At 21.30 on Raiuno two new episodes of the fiction Six women – The mystery of Leila will be broadcast.

After viewing the videos of the sports center, where Leila’s training place, Anna (Maya Sansa) notices that the girl has undergone a remarkable transformation since the summer just passed. As a result, he decides to question Aysha, Leila’s school and athletic partner. At 9.20 pm on Raidue Belve was broadcast, with the presenter Francesca Fagnani who introduced a series of changes to the talk show, on air since 2018. Among these changes, the satirical interventions of Ubaldo Pantani and the presence of influencers such as Eterobasici and Cristina Di Tella, who filled the spaces between the interviews. At 21.20 on Raitre, #Carartabianca talks about current events. The study of Bianca Berlinguer’s program discusses the possible effects of Elly Schlein’s promotion to the secretariat of the Democratic Party on the national political scene. Furthermore, the not always harmonious relationship between Giorgia Meloni and her executive allies is addressed.

Mediaset, La7, Real Time programmes

Tune into Rete 4 at 21.20 for Fuori dal coro, hosted by Mario Giordano, who will talk about the latest news and events, from the Elly Schlein phenomenon to tensions between Russia and the West, up to the tragedy of migrants in Crotone and the worrying issue of increase in bills.

At 21.00 tonight on Canale 5 the return match of the round of 16 of the Champions League between Porto and Inter coached by Simone Inzaghi will be broadcast. The first leg, played at the Meazza in Milan on 22 February, ended in victory for the Italians, thanks to a goal from Lukaku. The match will be held at the Estadio do Dragao in Porto.

Tune in to Italia 1 at 21.20 for the current affairs program Le Iene. Belen Rodriguez leads the evening, accompanied by Max Angioni and the inquiries of the broadcast correspondents, including Filippo Roma, Matteo Viviani, Marco Fubini, Luigi Pelazza, Cizco and Gaetano Pecoraro.

At 21.15 on La7, Di Martedì will talk about current events. The conductor Giovanni Floris has expressed his intention to ask all relevant questions to provide a complete picture of the situation. This approach is especially welcome in these uncertain times, where many questions require urgent answers.

At 21.20 on Real Time, the reality show First Date will be hosted by Flavio Montrucchio and will feature the twenty-two-year-old Camilla, a fortune teller looking for a partner who accepts her asexual orientation. Meanwhile, Gianmarco is looking for a unique partner that matches his individuality.

A selection of films will be available on Tuesday 14 March 2023.

At 21.20 on Rai 4 the 2018 action film Shadow by Zhang Yimou, with Chao Deng, will be screened. The film is set in China during the Three Kingdoms period and follows a king and his people who have been forced from their home. The king is portrayed as ambitious and violent, and is harboring a secret. His general, the brilliant Ziyu, devises a plan to ensure victory in the final battle.

At 21:15 on Rai 5 the 2016 drama film The Client, directed by A. Farhadi and starring Taraneh Alidoosti and Shahab Hosseini, will be screened. The story follows a young actor couple, Emad and Rana, who are forced to move from their home in central Tehran due to renovations. A friend of theirs finds them a new place to stay, but…

At 21.10, Rai Movie broadcasts the 2018 Steve McQueen thriller film Widows – Criminal legacy, with M. Rodriguez and E. Debicki. Veronica, Alice, Linda and Belle are brought together by the debt left by their deceased husbands and form a plan to pull off a heist and recover the money.

At 21:25 on Nine, Paul Feig’s 2013 comedy film Corgi, starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, is released. FBI Agent Sarah Washburn teams up with Boston Police Officer Shannon Mullins to bust a ruthless drug dealer.

On 20 Mediaset, at 21.05, Top Gun, the 1986 action film by Tony Scott with Tom Cruise, will be broadcast. The film follows the story of Pete, an ambitious individual who enrolls in the Navy Academy to become a fighter pilot. Although he is very skilled, his rebellious temperament leads him to complicate his life by falling in love with his instructor.

At 21.00 the Iris will show the 1980 western film Tom Horn, directed by William Wiard and starring Steve McQueen and Linda Evans. Tom Horn, who achieved notoriety for capturing Geronimo, is hired by the ranchers to protect their livestock from cattle rustlers.

Tune in to Sky tonight, Tuesday 14 March 2023, for a selection of films.

At 21.15 on Sky Cinema Uno the action film Bullet Train (2022) by David Leitch, with Brad Pitt and Aaron Taylor Johnson, will be screened. The film follows the story of the mission of the American Ladyburg, who has to recover a briefcase aboard the Bullet Train, which connects Tokyo and Kyoto. However, their mission is complicated by the presence of some killers who are after the same briefcase.

Sky Cinema Due will broadcast Lee Daniels’ 2012 thriller The Paperboy, starring Matthew McConaughey and John Cusack, at 9.15pm. The film follows the story of journalist Jansen, who tries to reopen the case of Van Wetter, a death row inmate with no concrete evidence against him. In this enterprise he is helped by Charlotte, who has been in contact with the prisoner.

At 21.00 this evening, on Sky Cinema Family, viewers will be able to see Kirk Harris’ 2022 comedy film Dakota, starring Abbie Cornish. The plot follows Kate Sanders, widow of an Afghanistan veteran, as she tries to protect the family farm from the local sheriff. Private CJ, a close friend of the deceased, arrives to help her in her mission.

Sky Cinema Action will broadcast JJ Abrams’ 2013 sci-fi film Star Trek into Darkness, starring Chris Pine and Simona Page, at 9pm. Captain Kirk is tasked by Star Command to capture Khan, a genetically engineered superman resurrected by the hibernation from a traitor.

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