Twingo’s Revenge

From her throne as the co-queen of Latin pop (the other being Jennifer Lopez) and with the broken-hearted abandonment of Antonio De La Rua behind her, Shakira, at the beginning of her relationship with Pique she was great: “Marriage scares me. I don’t want him to see me as his wife, but rather as his girlfriend. It’s like the forbidden fruit. I prefer to keep him in suspense, to make him think that depending on his behavior, anything is possible” (in fact, we later saw how much the famous former athlete was afraid of losing her).

The unfortunate woman, apparently, was unaware of the sheer ruthlessness of gravity and the fatal attraction that two marble cigarette butts (unfortunately, someone else’s) could have on her younger boyfriend, as well as a football player who, in short, cannot be carried away by discussions on higher systems. And now, years later, Clara Chia allows herself to give Shakira, who meanwhile was left alone with her accounts (intended not in the sense of voodoo dolls, but in the sense of earning money), to listen to “Music Sessions Vol. 53″, a symbolic song. from rosikons around the world to understand), another useful lesson: considering that, as our wise ancestors said, especially if a Roman“twenty years and a tuna ass don’t live long”, it’s a good idea to lock up your fortune, if only to annoy the fickle guy in the future who, who knows, in five years, might be confused by another twenty year old with the right spirit initiatives.

And here is Clara Chia, the girl for whom the current president of Andorra FC left the pop star (of course, after all the accounts were settled, so much so that Shakira is now under investigation in Spain for tax fraud) and Pique, according to Iberian media , they are secretly planning a wedding: An intimate ceremony to which only relatives and very close friends will be allowed. In the meantime, enjoy the last remnants of sun and sea in Croatia.and photographers caught them having fun among the waves and diving on board a service boat, and she, squeezing into her usual skimpy swimsuit, showed the world the obvious reasons why the boy could leave the family roof without a second chance. thoughts that in his case were embodied in a magnificent mansion in Barcelona: of course, always at the expense of Shakira.

Not a bad routefor what the singer defined as the “Twingo” of the situation, calling himself, by comparison, Ferrari: it’s a shame that in very small details in this case the Ferrari remained in the garage, licking its wounds.

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