Two brothers played a trick to determine who was abusing one of their daughters

Both were arrested on Friday. The girl recounted the horrific experiences she had endured for at least nine years while her mother was away from home.

Police have arrested two brothers accused of abusing a minor. This is the daughter of one of them, at least nine years after the attack took place after the two of them “played” to determine who carried out the attack.

The suspect was arrested on Friday in the town of Beriso, in the La Plata district of Buenos Aires, but the case was investigated after the girl recounted the horrific events she experienced in March this year.

The attacks began in 2014 and were repeated each time detainees got together to “play pranks” at their homes, investigators reported based on victims’ accounts.

When the girl told her mother what had happened a few months ago and was able to file a complaint, police began an intensive investigation that led to the discovery of the two defendants, who were arrested in a major operation.

The suspects are 37 and 41 years old respectively and are the victim’s father and uncle respectively. Official sources told local outlet InfoBerisso that according to their story, the two met at home, where their mothers were not present, to play a prank and the loser “abused a minor.”

The detainees were charged with “simple sexual abuse, which was aggravated by the fact that it was committed by an elder and took advantage of an existing situation with the minor.”

The defendants are expected to make statements in the coming hours. The Fourth Criminal Court of La Plata intervened in the case.

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