Two new cases of avian influenza detected in seagulls in A Coruña and Ribadeo (Lugo)

this ministry of rural environment Notified others Two new cases of avian influenza reported detected Yellow-legged Gull lie in A Coruña and Ribadeo (Lugo). The Central Veterinary Laboratory of Alguete (Madrid) confirmed the cases after the birds were found to be showing symptoms, Xunta reported in a statement.

These are among the dozen outbreaks reported by the Galician government so far this year.According to the regional government, these new findings “do not mean that the health situation in Galicia has changed” due to bird flu It “exclusively” affects wild birds. Furthermore, according to Xunta, this “does not imply any restrictions or additional measures on the trade of live poultry and their derivatives originating from the autonomous region.”

today, Community risk assessment is ‘favorable’ This is because the period of low temperatures conducive to the spread of the virus has not yet begun, nor has the period of large influx of wild migratory birds.The discovery of the first cases forced the ministry to Lifting bans and restrictions imposed by several Galician town councils To date, only seven municipalities of Pontevedra (Cambados, Ogrove, Ayla, Meiano, Ribadumia, Sangen) have been retained in areas declared particularly dangerous Huo and Vilanova de Arusha).

Likewise, Xunta remembers The virus that is circulating does not have a “significant” ability to infect humans, But it is recommended “Do not handle birds found to be sick or dead and notify affected veterinary services of this fact. “

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