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(www.parmacalcio1913.com) The first first match of the National Serie A and B championship for under-17 boys, on the field “2” Briefly about the sports complex “Walnut”Noceto, Sunday 10 September 2023, Parma beat Sassuolo 2:0.

The Crociati, led by Mr. Mattia Bernardi, were the first to open the national championship. Series A and Brepeat the following summer at the Szegedoni Memorial (worth winning the Trophy after winning the final 2–1), again beating their black and green brethren in the Derby, this time thanks to goals from Giacomo Iuliani late in the first leg. half (41 minutes) and Eirinaios Papadimitriou ten minutes before the end (35 minutes), without conceding a single one.

During the match, the territorial superiority of the yellow-blues, mastering maneuver and aggressiveness, was observed; the guests made their first shot on goal in the 24th minute. In the 41st minute, Giacomo Iuliani broke the deadlock with a pinpoint shot from midfield that derided goalkeeper Raffaele Mantini well off the post.

The visitors tried to regain control of the match early in the second half, but there was never any real danger. Thus, the Crociati went into the distance again, ahead of their tired cousins ​​also because from the 31st minute they were one man less due to the sending off of Luca Reggiani (foul for reaction). In the 35th minute, Eirinaios Papadimitriou, having been on the field for a couple of minutes (33rd minute), easily scores 2:0 from a corner from the edge of a small area, ending the match.

Markers: 41′ Yuliani, 35′ Papadimitriou street

PARMA – 1. Gabriele Casentini; 2. Giovanni De Simone, 3. Filippo Montene (33′, 13. Gabriele De Simone); 4. Giulio Baciocchi (V.Cap), 5. Nicolas Trabucci (Cap), 6. Giacomo Iuliani (15 minutes, 15. Giorgio Chimesi); 7. Filippo Alinovi (41′, 20. Luca Chris Marcellin), 8. Marco Campatelli (41′, 17. Christian Laurie), 9. Biagio Macri (33′, 19. Eirinaios Papadimitriou), 10. Luca De Oliveira (41 ). ′ 16. Matteo Acampora), 11. Leandro Ferrari (15 ′ 18. Mattia Zamuner). Coach: Mattia Bernardi
Available: 12. Leonardo Mystery; 14. Dominik Drobnich

SASSUOLO – 1. Raffaele Mantini; 2. Andrea Campani (V. Captain), 3. Isaac Samper Brown (26 minutes, 15. Raffaele Gentile); 4. Leo Troy Tomsa (38′, 16. Davide Basanello), 5. Alessio Sibilano, 6. Luca Reggiani; 7. Gabriele Papacerio (36 feet, 14. Lorenzo Appia), 8. Andrea Mussini (captain), 9. Giovanni Chiricallo (38 minutes, 19. Federico Pirruccio), 10. Catello Amendola (38 minutes, 18. Francesco Bolondi), 11. Iago Goulart (26 minutes, 20. Damir Sonosi Daldum). Coach: Maurizio Neri
Available: 12. Lorenzo Nyarco; 13. Christian Elezaj, 17. Michele Piccirillo

Judge: Mr. Alfonsorocco Rosania from the AIA Finale Emilia section

Assistants: Mr. Andrea Perrella from Crema and Mr. Filippo Todaro from Finale Emilia

Excluded: at 31′ Reggiani due to a foul for reaction

Ammonites: Baciocchi, Zamuner; Chirikallo

Recovery: 3’+4′

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