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Toluca, Edomex; January 17, 2023. Ana Laura Guadarrama López, director of the Multidisciplinary Health Clinic, said that during the winter, it is necessary to have preventive measures in place to avoid the spread of respiratory illnesses such as the common cold, flu and even COVID-19. from the Autonomous University of Mexico (UAEMex).

“Winter is accompanied by acute respiratory infections, and these infections share common symptoms. Clinically, patients with the common cold will experience symptoms such as runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, and sore throat, while patients with the flu may experience difficulty defecation, headache, muscle and Symptoms like joint pain. So it’s important to see a doctor for those symptoms,” he said.

Guadarrama López explained that, depending on the age group, a series of measures can be taken to prevent the spread of this type of infection, such as maintaining breastfeeding in infants aged 0 to 2 years, as well as complementary feeding during childhood and for everyone. In addition to seeking foods rich in vitamin C, stay hydrated and eat a balanced diet.

In addition, it is also important to continue washing your hands frequently and avoid poorly ventilated and crowded areas.

Also, vaccinate against infections with seasonal pathogens, as this measure protects against infections with pathogens such as seasonal influenza, SARS-CoV-2, etc., and in the specific case of children, it is necessary to review the vaccination schedule so that it is complete and Appropriate to their age to prevent diseases such as pneumococcal disease.

Ana Laura Guadarrama advises that if you contract a respiratory disease, you should avoid spreading it to healthy people, maintain a healthy distance and practice respiratory etiquette, that is, cover your mouth when you cough and cover your nose when you sneeze ; Additionally, the use of masks is recommended and isolation is recommended in case of infection such as influenza or COVID-19.

Finally, he invited the general public, given the increase in acute respiratory illnesses, to follow the health protocols mentioned earlier, see a doctor if you suspect illness and avoid self-medication.

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