UGG parade with Collina Strada at New York Fashion Week

Love story between Coco Gauff AND New balance starts at 2018. On the one hand, a young winner US Open tennis, and on the other hand, one of the most important brands of footwear and sportswear on the athleisure market. Today we will talk about this sponsorship and its explosive growth in popularity. New Balance Phenomenon in the world of tennis.

Coco is the new US Open champion crowned on the concrete of Flushing Meadow. At the age of 19 he won his first Grand Slam tournament. Arina SabalenkoThe Belarusian tennis player is very disappointed with the defeat. In fact, a lot of things happened in the moments following the victory, all of which ended up on social media. From the gratitude of an American tennis player Billie Jean King – a former American tennis player who fought for equality in the final prize – before meeting her parents, who were very excited about their daughter’s achievement. The media has described it as a perfect storm. The perfect opportunity for a brand like New Balance to dress her from head to toe. From shoes Coco CG1 right down to the T-shirt worn after the match, a simple T-shirt with the NB logo and the inscription “Call me Coco Champion”.

The location of the tournament also matters NY, which is very important for brands like New Balance. A case that saw the meeting of five variables according to Jordan Rogersexpert in branding and sports marketing, talks about it on TikTok a real miracle. The first element of success is the presence of an already famous athlete: she is currently ranked third in the world women’s tennis rankings. The second is the so-called “Big Moment”: The US Open victory, which, together with the T-shirt, availability in the online store and the publication of Coco Gauff’s promotional post on Instagram, made this true marketing miracle possible.

@jordanrogers2626 Reply to @eva Marketing miracle: New Balance for Coco Gauff after her name #usopen 🏆🎾 #CocoGauff #NewBalance ♬ original sound – Jordan Rogers

Again, according to Rogers, we can also talk about cross-product cooperation With Bose, another Gauff sponsor. The tennis player, indeed, wears headphones that match her equipment when entering the court. A case of coordinated cooperation, which is of course not isolated and includes other sports such as basketball or American football. In short, everything is now perfect in this Slam for Coco and New Balance T-shirt. sold out on the brand’s website.

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