UK confirms first human case of swine flu

The person had a “mild illness” and had “fully recovered” from the H1N2 virus subtype

British health authorities reported on Monday (27th) that UK records first human case of swine flu virus.its about A H1N2 virus, a virus similar to one currently circulating among the country’s pig herds, has just jumped to humans. The virus has so far been found in only one person and emergency plans are in place to contain possible infectious outbreaks.

“We are working quickly Tracing close contacts and reduce the possibility of any transmission,” said Meeran Chand, incident manager at UKHSA.

Virus Detected during routine testing GP influenza surveillance program in northern England.Patients come for consultation Developing respiratory symptoms and mild discomfort before returning to full health.

A PCR analysis Subsequent genome sequencing work allowed experts to confirm the first human infection with the UK strain of A(H1N2)v.

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has been confirmed There have been 50 cases of swine flu in the global population since 2005But none of them have been confirmed to be genetically related to the virus variant circulating in UK pig herds, according to HSE.

Swine flu cases in UK North Yorkshire area, Now, surveillance of people with respiratory illness or symptoms, as well as prevention and hygiene measures on farms and slaughterhouses, have been stepped up.

However, health authorities have Avoid spreading panic among people They simply recommend following usual advice if experiencing respiratory discomfort and minimizing contact with other people while symptoms persist. It is especially recommended to stay away from the elderly and the frail.

he The origin of A(H1N2)v infection has not been determined The investigation into this area is still continuing its regulatory process. Experts are still analyzing the pathological characteristics of swine flu and assessing the risks that swine flu may pose to personal health and public health.

In addition, official veterinary control agencies require pig farmers to formally report any suspected cases of swine flu in their herds to the local area. “we know Some animal diseases can be transmitted to humansChristine Middlemiss, England’s chief veterinarian, said: “This is why maintaining high levels of animal health, welfare and biosecurity is so important.”

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