UK: First human case of infection with ‘new’ influenza A virus – Medical News

The virus has been found in pigs in the country, but this is the first human case in the region. Authorities trace close contacts.

U.K. First case of human infection with new variant of influenza A H1N2 discovered One person had a mild respiratory illness but has since recovered, according to the agency. UK Health and Safety Authority (UKHSA).

The agency said based on preliminary information, infections were detected This is a different branchunlike other human cases of influenza A H1N2 infection It has been seen in other countries but is similar to the virus circulating in UK pig herds.

The case was discovered through routine influenza surveillance carried out by UKHSA and the Royal College of General Practitioners.

UKHSA is still investigating the source of the infection and is conducting contact tracing. Surveillance has also been stepped up in North Yorkshire, where the case was detected.

Meera ChandUKHSA Incident Manager said: “Through routine influenza surveillance and genomic sequencing we have been able to detect this virus. We are working rapidly to trace close contacts and reduce any potential transmission. In line with established protocols, investigations are ongoing to identify the virus. How people became infected and assess whether there are more related cases.”

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