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Ukrainian Army hiring more and more often ground-based drones for laying mines anti-personnel and anti-tank weapons on the battlefield, but also to carry out suicide missions. The use of drones in these operations speeds up their execution, given that the devices weigh about 25 kilograms, and protects soldiers from possible accidentsfrom enemy fire or from opportunity step on other mines already present on the field.

This is about a new frontier in the use of drones in the military field, following the fundamental role that aerial drones played and continue to play during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Even so, they are expected to be used by both the Ukrainian resistance and the Russian occupier.

At the moment, these new combat vehicles are still in a fairly early stage. elementary and consist mainly of small four-wheeled or tracked vehiclesextremely resistant and remote controlled, to which they attach mines, machine guns or rocket launchers with remote activation. They are also used to carry artillery shells during firefights to avoid exposing soldiers to radiation.

Ukrainian target reportedly Reutersit’s from be able to replace as many people as possible at the front with remotely controlled drones, for obvious reasons. They are much faster at carrying heavy objects over long and short distances than humans, since they are small and short, they are almost undetectable and inexpensive, at only $812, and the value of human life remains incalculable.

The latest documented use of ground-based drones was provided by a Twitter account. Osint Technical, run by one of the analysts at the Center for Naval Analysis, a nonprofit research organization that provides strategic advice to the U.S. Department of the Navy. The photo shows a Ukrainian soldier piloting a huge ground-based drone equipped with a heavy Soviet Mon 100 anti-personnel mineA 25-kilogram metal disk consisting of 12 kilograms of explosives and 10 kilograms of metal rods that explode at a distance of 200 meters around the device.

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