Ukrainian Andrey Kurkov opened Pordenonelegge

New novel by the author Andrey Kurkov, the most famous literary voice of Ukraine today. He will open the festival on Wednesday, September 13, at 18:00 at the Teatro Verdi in Pordenone.

And the writer Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt will also arrive in absolute preview: for the first time in Pordenone he will talk about “The Jerusalem Challenge”, a reportage published for and/or in collaboration with the Libreria Editrice Vaticana, dedicated to the Holy Land. and supplemented by an unpublished letter from Pope Francis to the author. These are just a couple of the 65 previews that this year Pordenonelegge will take place from September 13th to 17th. Thus, one author out of five brings his own novelty, and this has always been an added value of the festival, which will also present novels by two best-selling authors: Viola Ardone, who will come with The Great Miracle (Einaudi) and the Spanish Elisabeth Benavent with The Ideal History ”(Salani), the series of which Netflix recently released. Paolo Di Paolo will present “A Novel Without People” (Feltrinelli), where the protagonist decides to combine the memories of other people with his own, and Michela Marzano signs: “I’m still waiting for someone to apologize to me” (Rizzoli), a novel that in the wake of the #MeToo storm, ponders the value of words like “consent,” “violence,” and “victim.” While Gianni Biondillo, in What We Are Not (Guanda), talks about a generation of architects, gallerists, critics and artists who believed in fascism, but gradually became aware of it, and then took sides in the name of Resistance and freedom. There will be leading journalists such as Corrado Agias, who will talk about “Paul, the man who invented Christianity” (Rai libri) and Federico Rampini, who will give voice to “African hope” (Mondadori). On the red thread of current events, the Irishwoman Sally Hayden projects the audience onto the path of death leading to the Mediterranean Sea with the song “And for the fourth time we drowned” (Bollati Boringhieri), and Cecilia Sala in the preview for Mondadori: will tell “Fire. A report on a generation between Iran, Ukraine and Afghanistan.”

Many international authors with the first Italian presentation of the latest book: the bestseller “Miracle” by R. J. Palacio arrives, and with her also Emilia Hart, Philippe Forest, Laurent Mauvignier, Anil Seth, Alberto Mangel, Stephen Umbrello. Among the previews, of course, the work of the great master of photography of Carnia, Dante Spinotti, who for La nave di Teseo, together with Nicola Lucchi, wrote a rich memoir that flows behind-the-scenes stories and anecdotes from life on the set of major international productions, stands out. . “Dream of cinema. My Life, One Movie at a Time” will appear in bookstores on August 22. Excellent previews at the festival also with Vietnamese bestselling author Nguyen Phan Quom Mai and her “Where the Dust Flies” (Nord editions), Lydie Salvair, winner of the Prix Goncourt, who signs the “Conference” (Prehistorica), Michel Bussy, who comes with a new a mystery. “Three Lives, One Week” (and/or), Nino Kharatishvili, who publishes “La luce che manca” for Marcilio and Michael’s American Bible, a new literary venture in the USA, which will premiere for Adelphi with “The Last Beautiful Thing in the World” . face of the earth.” New books will also be published by Paolo Di Paolo, Gianni Biondillo, Piergiorgio Odifreddi, Marcello Veneziani, Francesco De Filippo, Giorgio Vallortigara, Piergiorgio Pulixi, Vittorino Andreoli, Luca Beatriz, Tony Capuozzo, Luca Doninelli, Paolo Legrenzi, Cristina Battocletti, Gabriella Caramore.

Pordenone also reads the literary case of the year, writer Erin Doom, who has just opened up to a wider TV audience as a cult name for young readers. And Pordenonelegge looks at young people with a special eye, starting with the inauguration, where 200 of them will be received as “guests of honor.” TikTok courses are aimed at young people. The main characters are three of the most beloved Italian TikTokers: Megi Bulla, Valentina Getty and Angelica Siciliani Fendi. And young people are the protagonists of the podcast “Angelo chi legge”, available on Rai Play Sound and on the frequencies of the RAI FVG headquarters. Lots of meetings on new technologies and accompanying reflections: science with Chiara Valerio, video games with Fabio Viola, metaverse with Lorenzo Capannari. Carlo Cottarelli, Natalie Tocci, Federico Rampini, Cecilia Sala, Nando Dalla Chiesa, Leonardo Becchetti, Mariangela Pira, Luigino Bruni will also discuss economics and our time.


From 13 to 17 September more than 60 voices of Italian and foreign poetry, with outstanding international performances such as the Romanian poet Ana Bladiana, at the festival with a new collection published by Donzelli and a tribute to Giorgio Caproni with “Class Registers” the great poet during his teaching in Val Trebbia and in Rome between 35 and 73, published by the Garzanti essayist Nina Quarenghi, who will introduce them to her son Attilio Mauro Caproni, previewed in pordenonelegge. Another tribute to the festival is dedicated to the great Irish poet Seamus Heaney, winner of the 1995 Nobel Prize in Literature, with two publications dedicated to him on the tenth anniversary of his death. Once again the festival will feature collections dedicated to great contemporary poets such as Antonella Anedda and Antonio Ricciardi, and in the final quest to announce the winner of the first edition of the Strega Poetry Prize, five finalists will be selected, including the great poet Vivian Lamarck, winner of the 2023 Saba Prize year, in dialogue with Beatrice Zerbini.

The festival will feature the main names of contemporary Italian poetry, from Maurizio Cucca to Franco Buffoni, Alberto Bertoni, while Nicola Gardini will focus on the classics of “becoming”, Metamorphosis. The festival also presents four original documentaries dedicated to poetry, in collaboration with Cinemazero: they are signed by Francesco Piccolo and Annalena Benini, who offer a portrait of the poet Patrizia Cavalli, who died in June 2022 during the film’s post-production. dock; and again the famous duo of directors Nene Grignaffini – Francesco Conversano, Massimiliano Finazzer Flori and Stefano Giacomuzzi, online site, a permanent meeting place where you can talk, write poetry and understand their tendencies. new books by Roberto Galaverni and Elisa Donzelli, Rosita Copioli, Gilda Policastro, Isabella Leardini, Laura Pugno, Giorgiomaria Cornelio, Elisa Ruotolo, Roberto Cescona, Marco Pelliccioli, Marco Munaro and Pasquale Di Palmo, and with 6 new titles the festival returns the books “Gialla” and “Gialla oro”, series pordenonelegge and Samuele editore, and there will also be a Poetry Library, more than 3 thousand titles, including “unavailable”.

The American bestselling writer R. J. Palacio, renowned author of “Miracle”, will come to Pordenonelegge on Saturday 16 September: in dialogue with Matteo Bussola, she will present her latest novel “Pony” (Giunti) for the first time in Italy, discussing themes such as kindness and memory, love, which can do a lot, and compassion, which saves everything. With its more than 100 outstanding Italian and foreign heroes, the Junior program is dedicated to readers up to 14 years old, with a tribute to Calvino and Alessandro Manzoni for the 2023 anniversaries and many special lessons – from mathematics to philosophy, civic education, Greek and Roman mythology – taught by great authors. From 13 to 17 September, 33 events in 5 days as the bell rings for the new academic year: Paolo Di Paolo, Guido Sgardoli, Chiara Carminati, Federico Taddia, Enrico Galliano, Constantino D’Orazio, Pierdomenico Baccalario, Esperance Hakuzvimana will take part. , Francesco Musolino and the 4 main characters of “Dear author, I am writing to you…”: Anne Coens, Davide Morosinotto, Silvia Vecchini and Francesco D’Adamo. And Piergiorgio Odifreddi and Gherardo Colombo with Fabio Caon will present their previews, as well as Azzurra D’Agostino with Jacopo Casiraghi, Susanna Mattiangeli with Rita Petruccioli, Riccardo Gazzaniga, Giuseppe Festa and Giovanni Nucci. And together with linguist Giuseppe Antonelli Pordenonelegge presents his “Small (imaginary) dictionary of girls and boys”: 70 essential and “identifying” words of 11-14 year olds, identified and told by them.

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