Ultimate Tip | Do you want to boil eggs?Learn why you should add vinegar when preparing

Kitchen tips are often the most effective way to achieve stunning results in a simple and cost-effective way. Home remedies are most popular, Because they are ultimately the most reliable and affordable.Use the product and Homemade Cooking Tips Or home cleaning is a great way to save money Get great results. There is always a way to create an air freshener naturally, to avoid bad smells without opening the windows wide, how to get the floors completely clean, make mold disappear from the walls or know which parts of the home we forget to clean regularly and take care of It’s important.

In this case, here are the ultimate tips to get Best results when we prepare boiled eggs At home, this is one of the easiest and most versatile ways to add this nutritious food to our daily menu.eggs often They eventually break during cooking., causing headaches when peeling or splitting them. And, besides freshness being crucial, It is important not to exceed the recommended time Cooking: 15 minutes as quality or health may change during this process.

Tips to prevent hard-boiled eggs from cracking

Therefore, to prevent egg shells from cracking during cooking, it is recommended Add a little daily vinegar to the casserole Where eggs are prepared.This will cause the egg proteins to coagulate faster So seal the inside with the outer shell Expert Heinz Wuth said in “El Comercio” to avoid breakage during preparation.

This way the shell won’t break We will avoid losing much of the interior Holes caused by cooking. Although the smell of vinegar is very strong, Will not change the smell of the room from eggs.According to experts, every liter of water should be added a tablespoon Vinegar, after boiling the eggs for 10 or 12 minutes, they must be submerged in cold water to stop the cooking process.

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