UNAM rules out possibility of emergency in Mexico due to childhood pneumonia

So far, Mexico has not experienced a significant burden of pneumonia cases in children, and the proportions remain the same as in previous years.

Guadalupe Franco

academia Ministry of Public Health from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Victor Gomezexcluding the problems faced by Mexico disastrous scene Due to childhood pneumonia (if it occurs in China.

During a video conference: “What about pneumonia in children and Mexico?” Victor Gomez, Think cases rebound China It is not an anomaly and is part of a local pipeline. Autumn and winter seasons.

“The sudden increase in cases is not new. We don’t want to take away the focus, but given that care for this type of disease is already saturated in Mexico, it is not expected that these facilities will be overwhelmed.”

Until now, in this winter, Mexico Didn’t show strong load Pneumonia cases in children and same percentage Relating to a past period.

This situation contrasts with what happens China Its population has high rates of microbial resistance Mycoplasma pneumoniathe origin pneumonia in children.

The doctor explained it this way Rosa Maria HuangzhouHead of Clinical Research Branch UNAM School of Medicine.

“They have a very high percentage of microbes that are resistant and they say that’s why they’re seeing a lot of cases Mycoplasma. As far as our country is concerned, we do see that, but not a lot.It’s indeed a burden Mycoplasma Not so much“.

Experts agree that lifting health restrictions will increase the spread of the virus. Respiratory Diseases acute among minors who remain incarcerated during quarantine COVID-19 pandemic.

therefore, Victor Gomez are required to complete the program Vaccination For children under five years old, to avoid severe forms of disease acute respiratory disease

“We’re behind. If you haven’t been vaccinated yet, you have to get vaccinated before the cold starts. Many people wait until the end of winter in December and January, by which time we’ve already been exposed to the virus.”

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