Undersecretary of Public Health visits shelter in Nubr

Undersecretary of Public Health Andrea Albagli is in San Carlos and Nikon with the aim of coordinating health security operations and providing assistance to those affected by the frontline system. The authorities visited the Liceo Agrícola in the capital of Punilla (4 km on the road to San Agustin), a shelter set up by the Health Department (with a capacity of 100 people), and the San Gregorio de Ñiquén shelter (with a capacity of 200 people) ).

“We are in Nubr to monitor the health network, strengthen shelters, deploy vaccination campaigns and provide mental health support. It is important to identify the health risks people face in order to protect them, in addition to monitoring human drinking water quality, or in areas with flooded wastewater, to provide vaccination support against hepatitis A and tetanus,” said Al Baari.

“President Gabriel Boric and our Secretary of Health, Ximena Aguilera, are on the ground in other regions to verify the extent of the impact and the measures that have been put in place to protect people’s physical and mental health. For our part, Our concern is to maintain epidemiological surveillance in shelters and to take all relevant measures to ensure proper occupancy of shelters”, Deputy Minister Albali said of the prevention education work on acute respiratory diseases and other diseases ( Leptospirosis and Hepatitis A) and provide antigen tests and vaccines against influenza and Covid-19 to Family Health Centers (Cesfam) in communes affected by weather phenomena.

The Undersecretary added that the Health Directorate has deployed teams in all Nupur shelters (Nikon, Coibeco, Kolemou, Ranquil) to verify basic hygiene and food handling variables within the shelters and ensure that The condition and assistance network coordinated the monitoring of the health status of 166 people living in institutions meeting the health requirements for emergencies.

Health official Jimena Salinas added that officials from the department’s epidemiology unit are monitoring epidemiological factors and providing assistance to the population.

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