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Cockroaches are one of the major problems in homes, especially in areas that are dark, damp, or have food debris. Fortunately, there are home tricks you can use to control this pest without resorting to environmentally toxic substances. Next, I’ll tell you how to use egg whites in the kitchen to repel cockroaches.

The coup of egg white to kill cockroaches

First, take a small shallow bowl, put 1-2 egg whites according to the amount of mixing needed, then add a small amount of boric acid powder to the egg whites. A good ratio is about 1 part boric acid to 10 parts egg white. Mix the ingredients well with a spoon or toothpick.

Pour the container of the mixture into places where you find roaches or suspect they are hiding, such as under sinks, behind appliances, and near cracks and corners. This way, the cockroaches will be attracted to the smell and taste of the egg white, and the boric acid will act as a poison to them. Cockroaches will carry boric acid back to their hiding places and nests, helping to kill more individuals.

To make sure the method stays effective, check the trap regularly and reapply the mixture if necessary. If you find that the mixture has dried out or hardened, just replace it with a new one. Remember to be careful with boric acid as it can be toxic to pets if ingested in large quantities.

Then you will find that cockroaches in the kitchen are no longer a problem. If you find that the problem does not decrease, then we recommend you to call a professional to avoid a large number of infections. Just remember to keep it away from your pets to avoid any accidents.

other suggestion
Kill cockroaches with baking soda.

Now that you know how to use egg whites to get rid of cockroaches in the kitchen, it is also recommended that you learn about other very effective methods, in this case using a little baking soda and sugar.

This homemade concoction is a popular and effective way to control cockroaches. Sugar attracts cockroaches because of its sweetness and taste, but what they don’t know is that the baking soda in the mix is ​​deadly to them. Baking soda is a substance that neutralizes the acid in the roach’s digestive system, and when the cockroaches ingest this mixture, the baking soda reacts with the acid in their stomach, causing gas to build up that can give them serious digestive issues. Ultimately, this gas buildup is fatal to the cockroaches and leads to their extermination.

Alternatively, you can spray apple cider vinegar on kitchen surfaces and areas where cockroaches congregate. The strong smell of vinegar will help keep them away and deter them from appearing in these areas.

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