Unresolved Injury: 11 Clear Signs That Point to It

We all had at least one. Those who have lost a loved one, those who have been abused (of any degree), those who have taken the end of their relationship as a failure… All of this injury, wounds – physical or psychological – who create strong emotional impact opening one a hole in the mind, heart and soul. They are difficult to overcome, accept and heal, but over time we usually recover.

Or so it seems. Because the real question to ask is: has this trauma really gone away, or has it just been buried under piles of life? An untreated injury is an unresolved injury.and these consequences may even be more disables on a psychological level than the event itself. Because it does not allow you to resume a healthy life.

apology what do we say to ourselves ignore the pain there are a lot of them: we could tell ourselves that it was just a bad episode or a bad period in life and that it will pass with time, or that there are people who have experienced much more severe pain. However, these fashionable methods of work should be abandoned immediately: minimizing traumatic events, instead of helping only chronicle any unconscious suffering. So much so that over time there were many accompanying symptoms.

Dealing with pain is scary because it means going under, exploring your existence, and destroying every limiting belief, every belief. But the only way to stop suffering is face the pain, give it a name, give it dignity, and then let it go.

So how do you know if there is still a trauma that has not been removed and resolved? There are gods characteristic symptomsOf course, this does not mean that if you have one or more of these symptoms, you need to treat the injury. But it can serve as an incentive to start asking yourself questions about your own well-being: why we are not born to suffer. Pain is not chosen trauma comes and there’s nothing we can do but “tolerate it” but suffering, or rather a long and chronic state of malaise, is a choice: it is our duty to feel better. Let’s start informing him by exploring possible symptoms of unresolved trauma.

What is trauma?

In 2017, one study around the world: the aim was to study exposure to traumatic events world population. The data is indicative: over 70% of those surveyed reported having experienced a traumatic event.

However, Not all people deal with trauma the same way.: Some of them are quite resistant to pain, while others have proven to be more vulnerable. It happens very often reach adulthood, having manifested at the psychological level the imprints of painful events that occurred in childhood.

But what is trauma? Psychological trauma is a reaction that impairs adaptive, emotional, cognitive, physical, and social abilities. The real destruction of life.

Dealing with unresolved trauma

Below we list some of the characteristics of an unresolved injury: if you experience any of the above symptoms, you should try to seek medical attention. specialized care such as psychotherapy: For example, EMDR (eye movement processing and desensitization) therapy this is the therapeutic model widely used in such cases.

Symptoms of Unresolved Trauma

1. Panic attacks

Panic attacks often occur in people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In fact, the victims of these attacks are warning almost constant feeling of danger and / or threat, causing him to constantly experience stress and fear. Panic attacks manifest themselves as follows: feeling of drowning, dizziness, cold sweat, shaking, palpitations, feeling of loss of control, thoughts of imminent death.

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