Urgent: delaying the disbursement of pensioners’ salaries in November and the fact that it provides a high-cost subsidy. The new disbursement date in Saudi Arabia

The General Retirement Corporation of Saudi Arabia has announced a change to the retirement pension disbursement date for the month of November. It is worth mentioning that the General Retirement Corporation is the official institution responsible for organizing pension disbursement operations in the civil and military sectors and delivering monthly dues to all their owners. The Authority revealed the truth about the news reported. Discussing the inclusion of a contingency allowance in the pension under the guidance of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman, here are the details.

Delay the date of payment of the old age pension

Date of disbursement of pensions

The General Retirement Corporation has officially announced a fixed monthly date for the disbursement of the Gregorian pension, which will be the 25th of the Gregorian month, but it could be postponed or increased in case of conflict with the weekend, as actually happens with the month of November . salary, the disbursement of which is postponed until Sunday 26 November 2023, God willing.

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The fact that the pension includes an expense allowance

Millions of pensioners want the process of disbursement of a high-cost benefit amounting to 500 Saudi riyals for each pensioner to be returned monthly, but there is no truth in the news circulating about the return of the disbursement process again, as the subsidy was delayed and stopped under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques from 2020 to date, there is nothing new, so the authorities denied this news.

Cases of suspension of old age pension

There are several categories that are deprived of their monthly pension for the following reasons:

  • The dependent child reaches the age of 21 and does not learn at any level of education.

  • The dependent student is at least 26 years old and is studying or has completed his/her studies.

  • Marriage eligible for old age pension.

  • Death of the main pension recipient.

  • End of beneficiary’s sick disability.

  • The beneficiary joins a government job within the Kingdom.

Categories benefiting from the increase in old-age pension

The General Retirement Authority has revealed that there are increases that will be paid monthly to some beneficiaries, and this is in case the pensioner adds one or more dependents to the pension, and the increase is as follows:

An increase of 10% is paid to the beneficiary’s pension, which is added to the pension.

Those who add dependents receive 15%.

The rate of increase reaches a maximum of 20% when three dependents are added.

Retirement institution number for complaints

Date of disbursement of pensions

The Retirement Foundation has made a toll-free number available to all pensioners so that they can communicate and ask questions and requests, namely:

  • You can contact us via the Pension Institute website Here.

  • The official unified number of the institution is 8008889124.

  • The number is available 7 days a week.

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How is the pension distributed to the heirs?

The deceased person’s family members are entitled to 75% of his or her retirement salary.

When is the retirement pension paid?

It is paid every 25th day of the Gregorian month, unless it falls on a public holiday, in which case it is increased or delayed by one day.

When will wages drop in Saudi Arabia?

Workers’ salaries in Saudi Arabia are paid on a unified day corresponding to the 27th of each calendar month.

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